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Every day I have desired visits in my children's store, despite the children love cats and dogs, rodents are highly sought after within the world of pets, for many years several species of rodents have been introduced as pets, but not all have the same personality, some are smarter than others! In this post I am going to show you my two favorite rodents and what you need before adopting one!🤩🤩

Diariamente tengo visitas deseadas en mi tienda de niños, apesar de los niños amar los gatos y los perros los roedores son muy buscados dentro del mundo de las mascotas, durante muchos años se han introducidos varias especies de roedores como mascotas, pero no todos tienen la misma personalidad, unos son mas inteligentes que otros! en este post yo te voy a mostrar mis dos roedores favoritos y que necesitas antes de adoptar uno!😮😜




These are the famous Mongolian gerbils, or in scientific name (Meriones unguiculatus) these animals, as their common name indicates, are from Mongolia and China, they are very interesting because of their personality and their social structure inside the cage, they are a bit similar to Shearing, unlike hamsters, have a tail and a longer and wider head, one of the advantages that gerbils can provide you is their wide variety of colors to choose from, from white with red eyes, to black, brown, gray!🤩🤩
Estos son los famosos gerbos de mongolia, o en nombre cientifico (Meriones unguiculatus) estos animales como su nombre comun lo indica son de mongolia y china, son muy interesantes por su personalidad y su estructura social dentro de la jaula, son parecidos un poco a los esquilos, a diferencia de los hamster, tienen cola y una cabeza mas larga y ancha, una de las ventajas que pueden proporcionarte los gerbos es su gran variedad de colores para escoger, desde blancos de ojos rojos, hasta negro, marrones, gris!💙💚💛




I personally do not recommend gerbils for young children because they are very elusive and playing with them unsupervised outside of the cage could escape! They are animals of more observation than contact, due to their biological nature they love to dig, jump, run! I already saw a lot of obese gerbils so to prevent that we are going to provide them with an exercise wheel or we can buy a transparent ball and leave it loose in the house! be careful if you have other pets! in conclusion they are one more pet for young people!💥💥
Yo personalmente no recomiendo los Gerbos para niños pequeños porque ellos son muy escurridisos y jugar con ellos sin supervision fuera de la jaula podria escaparse! son animales de mas observacion que de contacto, debido a su naturaleza biologica ellos aman excavar, saltar, correr! ya vi muchos gerbos obesos asi que para prevenir eso vamos a proporcionarles una rueda de ejercicio o podemos comprar una bola transparente y dejarlo suelto en la casa! cuidado si tienes otras mascotas! en conclusion son una mascota mas para jovenes!👨‍🏫👩‍🏫👨‍🎓




Well unlike a hamster a Gerbil usually sleeps several times a day to save energy, but even so it is more active than a hamster so we could play with it during the day unlike hamsters that tend to be more nocturnal! Gerbils are very sociable and do not feel good being alone, at least we should buy 2 gerbils for them to be happy and socialize! They have a somewhat curious hierarchy because they are patriarchal, that is, only the dominant male mates with the dominant females!👸🤴
Bien a diferencia de un hamster un Gerbo suele dormir varias veces al dia para guardar energia, pero aun asi es mas activo que un hamster por lo que podriamos jugar con el en el transcurso del dia a diferencia de los hamster que suelen ser mas nocturnos! los gerbos son muy sociables y no se sienten bien estando solo, minimo deberiamos comprar 2 gerbos para ellos ser felices y socializar! tienen una jerarquia un poco curiosa porque son patriarcales, osea solo el macho dominante se aparea con las hembras dominantes! 😏😏



As the latest information, Gerbils are affectionate and excellent pets for your family, you will not spend a lot of money on care, also their maintenance is not very demanding, it is simply to clean their cage once a week and change their food daily! they can live 4 years let's say that is the negative part because we acquire a small pet with a very short life expectancy!😎😎
como ultima informacion los Gerbos son cariñosos y excelente mascotas para tu familia, no vas a gastar mucho dinero en cuidados, ademas su mantenimiento no es muy exigente es simplemente limpiar su jaula una vez por semana y cambiar sus alimentos diariamente! pueden vivir 4 años digamos que es la parte negativa porque adquirimos una pequeña mascota con una esperanza de vida muy corta!😮😮





I think that in the world of rodents these are the best sellers here we have hamsters, they are usually of several species, Russian, Common, roborowski all species have different personalities but for me this one that I show you in the photo the Russian is the one more suitable for your children, they are slower than gerbils and do not tend to bite if you learn to take them by hand!😍😍
Creo que en el mundo de los roedores esto son los mas vendidos aqui tenemos a los hamster, suelen ser de varias especies, Ruso, Comun, roborowski todas las especies tienen personalidades diferentes pero para mi este que te muestro en la foto el Ruso es el mas indicado para tus hijos, son mas lento que los gerbos y no suelen morder si se les aprende a tomar con la mano!😮😮




They are more robust and with larger eyes than gerbils, they can measure up to 13 centimeters, depending on the species we can find a great variety of coats! and colors, from black, brown, gold, white, with spots! like gerbils they have a short life expectancy that does not exceed 5 years!😁😁
Son mas robustos y de ojos mas grandes que los gerbos pueden medir hasta 13centimetros, dependiendo de la especie podemos encontrarnos con una gran variedad de pelajes! y coloraciones, desde negro, marron, dorado, blanco, con manchas! al igual que los gerbos tienen una corta esperanza de vida que no supera los 5 años!😘🥰




Hamsters are less elusive if you are used to holding them by hand and playing with them since baby they are usually very docile and will not bite you, they love to do exercises, dig tunnels, run on the wheel, and it is important for them not to be obese are prone to gaining weight! also a healthy hamster will live longer, like any rodent will need some object to gnaw and wear the teeth!😏😏
Los hamster son menos escurridizos si los acostumbras a tomar con la mano y jugar con el desde bebe suelen ser muy docil y no te morderan, a ellos les fascina hacer ejercicios, cavar tuneles, correr en la rueda, y es importante para ellos no quedar obesos son propensos a engordar! ademas un hamster sano vivira mas tiempo, como todo roedor necesitara algun objeto para roer y desgastar los dientes!😮😮


They are sociable but we must be careful not to buy male and female rodents tend to reproduce in large numbers and in short periods of time, I recommend bringing two males to be bought together! I do not recommend bringing together grown males because they cannot adapt! some species prefer to be alone and live happily with our company!😍😍
Son sociables pero debemos tener cuidado de no comprar macho y hembra los roedores tiende a reproducirse en grandes cantidades y en cortos periodos de tiempo, yo recomiendo juntar dos machos que sean comprados juntos! no recomiendo juntar machos ya crecidos porque no consiguen adaptarse! algunas especies prefieren estar solos y viven felices con nuestra compañia!😅😅





First a house for rodents, we must think about what type of animal we are going to buy before acquiring the house because not all are the same, it must have a decent space to run and feel free, the bigger the better! and more if you plan to join a couple to make reproduction😅😅
Primero una casa para roedores, debemos pensar que tipo de animal vamos a comprar antes de adquirir la casa porque no todas son iguales, debe tener un espacio decente para el correr y sentirse libre, mientras mas grande sera mejor! y mas si tienes pensado juntar una pareja para hacer reproduccion⛪🏡





The diet of our rodent must be balanced, we can give it some fruits and vegetables but it is always indicated to buy specific food for our species, we have 2 presentations in granules or a mixture of seeds, I recommend the first one since it is more nutritious! It is not advisable to give our sweet pet they are prone to getting sick with diabetes!🤔
la dieta de nuestro roedor debe ser balanceada podemos darle algunas frutas y vegetales pero siempre es indicado comprar comida especifica para nuestra especie, tenemos 2 presentaciones en granulado o mezcla de semillas, te recomiendo el primero ya que es mas nutritivo! no conviene darle a nuestra mascota dulce ellos son propensos a enfermarse con diabete!😮



A feeder and a drinker are crucial, so that our pet has fresh food and water! We must change the water daily to avoid illnesses, we try to ensure that the food is always fresh, you can change it every 2 days! our mascot deserves the best! I do not recommend bathing them, you can buy chinchilla sand and they will take sand baths! But you can buy special shampoo for rodents in a pet store!😁😁
Un comedero y un bebedero son cruciales, para que nuestra mascota disponga de comida y agua fresca! debemos cambiar el agua diariamente para evitar enfermedades, la comida tratamos que este siempre fresca puedes cambiarla cada 2 dias! nuestra mascota merece lo mejor! no recomiendo bañarlos puedes comprar arena de chinchilla y ellos tomaran baños de arena! pero podras comprar en tienda de animales shampoo especial para roedores!🐹🐭






We can buy special cotton for our hamster that they will use to make their bed and feel warm and safe, we will also buy chewable accessories either in wood or calcium blocks for them to gnaw, wear down their teeth and nourish themselves better! An exercise wheel should also be purchased so that he is in good physical health! a house to hide and sleep safely, or a transparent ball for running is also something you should buy!🤗🤗
A nuestro hamster podemos comprar algodon especial que ellos utilizaran para realizar su cama y sentirse calientes y seguros, tambien vamos a comprar accesorios masticables bien sea en madera o bloques de calcio para ellos roer desgastar sus dientes y nutrirse mejor! una rueda de ejercicio tambien deberas comprar para que el este en buena salud fisica! una casita para esconderse y dormir seguro, o una bola transparente para el correr tambien es algo que deberas adquirir!🤑🤑




The objective of my post is to be ready when you want to buy a pet rodent, as well as to have an idea of what you want to buy for yourself or your child! rodents are great and beautiful pets of esteem that will fill your home with joy!😚🐹😚


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Creí que era un ratón hombre. Si así hubiese sido, ya tengo algunos de esos en casa xD

Se ven muy bonitos esos animalitos, saludos.

I can't believe people keep these lots as pets when they are considered pests in some other households. Nevertheless, I really do not think keeping them as pets is good for them as their natural instinct is to wander free, be it in the bush or in the house.

Well, hamsters have decades of being introduced into our homes as pets, I speak with experience because I had a domestic rat as a pet and if you search on the Internet they are more intelligent than dogs and cats, she slept with me, she played with me, she knew tricks, they are some excellent pets lived 5 years when their life expectancy is 4, believe it or not they adopt you as their relative and have a healthy life by your side! Greetings and thanks for reading and commenting on the post

Rodents as a pet?.

In where I'm from....rodents are seen as terrorists and no one ..I mean no they get squashed if they don't escape.

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Nope, nope I don't like rodents but I have always found the white rat beautiful but as a pet, someone might just kill it mistakenly.

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