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RE: Is Your Personality a Condition?

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I'm still unfamiliar with DSM, so I won't make opinions about it...

But I've stumbled upon MBTI, please take note that this is not well accepted in the science community. People has an innate demand to be categorized, but not segregated. #MBTI fanbase has grown lately and is effective in categorizing people without the "mental disorder" label of different personality types.

If mental disorder is a spectrum, or a grid, then we are all crazy after all, many are just capable of managing it well.


Hello @oniemaniego,

I have seen the MBTI but I don't think it affects practicing health professionals. There are many problems with the DSM. The most significant one is that if any health provider wants reimbursement for treatment of a patient, then a diagnosis from the manual, using the manual code, has to be made. It locks the whole profession into the definitions offered by the group of industry (mental health industry) leaders who come up with the codes, categories, diagnoses. It's like a virus. It affects schools, class placement, distribution of resources. The DSM is the monolith of the mental health profession in the USA.

Thank your for visiting and for that interesting comment.