Global Warming: Not a Crisis, Simply a Transition

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Ok, ok, I know this is a controversial topic but hear me out. For several years global warming has been a target point to rile people up and give them something to be upset about. However, if you look at the facts global warming is a natural process. When you consider that the earth is still in an ice age (you can check here and here if you don't believe me) then we are not looking at a global crisis simply because the world is warming up. We are simply looking at the earth's orbit and tectonic plate shifts moving into patterns that provide a warmer climate. This can, and probably will provide a drastic change in where flora grow, similar to when the ice age begins. It can also change the territories that some colder and warmer habitat fauna alike inhabit. The earth is finally coming out of a very long winter and spring is typically when life flourishes. Yes, sea levels will rise and yes we humans need to keep ourselves in check and treat the environment with respect (including human expansion and destroying of natural habitat) but this is not the point of this post. Realistically, none of us will live to see the end of the ice age we are in and the drastic changes that it could bring but I am excited to see what it may bring. Are we looking at a resurgence of mega-flora and mega-fauna? What will we find as the ice melts? What kinds of changes are we going to see in climate ranges? These are only some of the many questions I have as we approach the end of the ice age.

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