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RE: Hunting for the Higgs boson - a story that is far from being over

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Extremely interesting and well-written blog! I recently finished a biography of Einstein that detailed his quest for a unified field theory in the last few decades of his life. No doubt he would be greatly heartened to see that tireless researchers like yourself are on still hard on the trail all these years later!


Thanks for passing by!

Unification is one of the bit motivation to go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics (and is therefore a big topic as it was already decades ago). I was planning to mention a few things about it in my next blog, in particular the fact that we do not only try to unify the fundamental forces, but also matter. In this way the different particles will only be different facets of a single entity. The major problem is that the most naive attempts fail (too easy would not be funny).

It's a difficult subject to tackle, especially like laymen like myself, so I can really appreciate you laying it out in such a clear fashion. Looking forward to your next blog on the subject!

Thank you for these very nice words!