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You need to change your images as they are not free to use. Please always use copyright-free images for stemsocial posts if you wish to get our support.

And if the desired free copyright image is not available for my topic? Your support is appreciated but I believe you should be flexible especially for seldom users of stemsocial.

Part of the flexibility is to inform and advise users of the right image to use. Each community has rules and members are to abide by the rules. There are tons of free images on the web and if you cannot find the relevant one for your article among them, perhaps you should not use any image. No rule says you must use images in your post. You do not want to face a lawsuit because of using images that are not yours to make money.

Law suit, you do know I'm not a novice on this chain right? I appreciate your flexibility but I don't get support on my science posts that I used free copyright images. So there shouldn't be any fuzz right?

You are not a novice, yet you chose to infringe on someone else's copyright. You should probably read up on copyright laws. You probably did not get support on those articles because your post did not fulfill our criteria. Instead of you to just adhere to a simple correction, here we are creating a thread. Hope you know that using copyrighted images can get you blacklisted in this community. Like I said earlier, me being flexible is advising you to change the images. If you insist on not changing, I can only wish you the best.

You should read on copyright laws, you would have been sued right from you early days on Steemit. Goddammit!

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