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Science and Religion are like two opposing forces, hence this topic is mainly from a scientific angle with a sprinkle of religious brouhaha.For millennial now, masturbating has been one of the earliest practices in existence and sure seems not going anywhere yet till human beings maybe goes into extinction. The percentage of what gender practise it the most could never be ascertained, even though it is culturally acceptable in male and view as some sort of taboo in female in many parts of the World (Developing Regions most especially). This is not about the morality behind who should masturbate, the bone of contention in my findings today the good sides, misconceptions and effects on health if there are nay as studies several studies has indicated for years.

Below in the image is a 24 years old adult male with circumcised penis masturbating.

To make it as simple and not as weird as a topic, if you or anyone you know or unknown stimulates your sexual or genital organs for pleasure and maybe arousal which usually ends up in climaxing, that is; to the point of orgasm, then such individual masturbates. Scientifically, when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates during natural cause with a woman, it results in another life created in the womb.


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The World population is now a little above seven Billion (7,000,000,000) and there is a looming crises if Birth rate is never in equilibrium with death rate, hence some researchers had studied masturbation and a form of populations control mechanism i.e. birth control in the sense that not every man would ejaculate for reproduction purposes, the studies claims that men could masturbate and relieve themselves of sexual tensions without fears of impregnating a woman/girl which in turn results in babies.

Further studies stated that, an average of three out of ten (3 out of 10) babies given birth to in a day is unwanted, making a strong case for masturbation as a prevention means other than abortion. The data in these studies might provide a strong case and reason for masturbating in men, but it is a phenomenon that occurs in both gender and not just men.


Let me dive right in on this “healthy addiction” as I tagged it in this context, one of which is the fact that it is the safest form of having sexual satisfaction.

  • As a therapeutic means, masturbation is used to correct or cure Erectile Dysfunctionalities in men; therapist recommends it for spouses and couples having unhealthy sexual relations. So considering the century long of being in existence plus the health and medical needs for it, if we ignore Religious and doctrinal taboos, it could be a tool for a healthy man, woman as the cases may be.
  • There are dozens of sexually transmitted diseases in existence which are not visible to the ordinary eye and the fairest of all carries them, these STDs might sometimes not been seen by mere simple Microscope unless a broader and thorough test is conducted on an infected person (a carrier). That being cleared, masturbating doesn’t attracts any form of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (except on rare occasions where multiple users shares dildos, vibrators and maybe other sexual toys), in these bizarre cases, a third party or device is involved which eliminates what an individual sexual stimulation means in traditional sense.
  • Another tangible factor to consider is the lack of emotional attachments and duress. Self-sexual satisfaction doesn’t require a partner nor involves any relationships, it is very important to state that failed relationships and spousal problems contributes a huge quota to mental illness in the World from past till present. A cheating husband or wife, a promiscuous girlfriend or boyfriend exposes an individual partner to the deadliest forms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the victims becomes depressed after contacting STD and might commit suicide, relationships also creates emotional trauma which often also ends in suicide or the victim mentally deranged.
  • Furthermore, this unconventional way of sexual satisfaction doesn’t come without side effects (no matter how few) on any healthy individual. Let’s consider the psychological effects on a particular person; it causes major drift between couples resulting in an extremely poor sexual relationship which is one of the key to a happy and healthy family. When one or the two parties satisfy each other by themselves, the other party becomes unhappy and might want to explore other options.


Disregarding all the myths and religious brouhaha surrounding this topic, one of the most the evasive and complex discussions in spiritual groups is about masturbating and what it does to you, it is very important to treat this topic separately from science, health and religious point of view because some condemn this act of self-stimulation for sexual pleasing which doesn’t make it a crime, while there are other groups that performs it as part of their rituals and or rites of passages. Each category has tainted and biased doctrines regarding masturbating hence this is far from a religious perspective.


There is also an insubstantial myth surrounding excessive masturbation, going blind or hairs growing on palms are some of those myths as well the Erectile Dysfunction myth. This is a common belief which was never based on facts. For men, not having erections could never be substantiated from too much masturbating.

Some research had suggested that watching pornography and masturbating constantly could cause erectile dysfunction (ED) by desensitizing a particular subject (men most especially) to certain imagery and physical intimacy.

“Some Neurological effects of pornography have been studied, however, no research exists proving that watching porn can cause a physical response that results in Erectile Dysfunction”- Source

The statement quoted above clears the air about too much masturbating leading to Erectile Dysfunction, however, other conditions like diabetes, obesity, high or low Blood Pressure, excess Alcohol and over-use of hard drugs are known to be responsible in most ED cases, this could be a contributing factor as well in anyone who masturbate too much, once the individual is a victim to any of the aforementioned popular causes of ED, then he may be subject to worn-out and or limited erection with too much masturbating.


While some religion argues that masturbating is good for abstinence from fornication and adultery, others claimed it is a form of mental problem and some form of perversion. The morality lies upon individuals once it inhibits normal sexual activities and behaviours with your spouse, or maybe it causes distress and or it has gotten out of hands and done uncontrollable in public. At this stage, where it is now interfering with daily activities, then a disorder is looming and every form of therapeutic treatment is needed as well as other measures to combat it.

As adults, we are free to choose discreetly what satisfy our existence, contacting Sexually Transmitted Diseases is one of the most horrible things that could happen to an individual because some of these diseases have no cure, not just yet. Anything that gives absolute rest and peace of mind is ideal for healthy living; also anything in excess might cause damages to the body or those around us. Masturbation is an age long act and part of the human culture and it is left for you and I to train ourselves and educate those around us on what to do and not to do that will impact our lives.


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Religion tries to suck out all the fun but in some way, they have a point. From a psychological point of view, I feel like masturbation might not be good for an individual's sex life as a whole.