The Scientific Benefits of a Good Breakfast.

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We have heard regularly that breakfast is the most healthy meal we can have in a day, there have been arguments to tackle this fact but research has shown over and over again that breakfast is indeed really important amongst the meals we have every day. Through this post, I want to highlight some of the extremely important benefits of breakfast that are scientifically established.


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Importance of Having Breakfast.

  • Breakfast provides you with the energy required for the day.

After the body stays without food all through the night, breakfast is a good way to replenish lost energy. This way the body is active enough to get through the activities of the day.

  • Reduces risk of sickness.
    Certain sicknesses like Obesity and type 2 diabetes have been found to be less common amongst people who regularly have breakfast, unlike the people who skip breakfast.

  • Increased ability to concentrate.
    Those who skip breakfast often find it difficult to concentrate. With a hungry stomach, it is usually difficult to concentrate on a particular task and get it done. To boost concentration at the workplace or in school, it is important to consider breakfast as a very good option.


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  • Reduces mood swings.
    It is possible to have regular mood swings when the stomach is empty, a lot of people who act frustrated at a workplace or even on the road, react in that manner as a result of hunger caused by skipping the most important daily meal.

  • Reduces the amount of junk consumption.
    Consuming a healthy and filling breakfast will definitely reduce the consumption of junk and unhealthy food all through the day.

Common reasons why people skip breakfast.

The importance of breakfast is not a new topic, as important as it may sound, a lot of people still skip breakfast and some of the reasons are:

  • There are people who assume that skipping breakfast will make them lose weight when in an actual sense, having a healthy breakfast does not add to weight gain in any way.

  • The urge to spend extra time in bed is another reason why some people skip breakfast, by the time they get up from bed, they might be running late for work.

  • Our taste buds' desires change on a regular basis, there are people who simply get tired of repeating the same food type so they think it is best to completely skip breakfast.

Ways to overcome the problems associated with skipping breakfast.

After highlighting the possible reasons why people still skip breakfast despite realizing it's important, I realize how wise it is for us to also explore the possible solution to these problems.

  • The very first thing to consider is the great need for discipline, you have to remind yourself constantly about the health benefits of having a good breakfast and this will help you not to go a day without breakfast.

  • Planning for the following day and having your breakfast almost ready/ or ready a day before will guarantee that you have your breakfast before stepping out.

Thank you for reading my post, enjoy the holiday friends, and remember to stay loved and beautiful.



I actually prefer to skip breakfast and have a late lunch. It makes me eat less, have longer fasting times and you spend more time on one healthy dish instead of 3 times something

Hmmmm, everyone has different opinions and as long as our choice is a healthy one, then I think it is alright.

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