The Possibility of getting an Infection from a Dog Bite.

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Few days ago, the landlord to the house I currently reside in came to inform me about the increase in the price of house rent, the increased amount is something I cannot afford at the moment, so I began to search for another flat that wouldn't be as expensive as the one I currently reside in. It has been a lot of drama, but after I found one that was really to my taste, we had the issue of ''My Dog'' to deal with. Apparently, the house owner has issues with pets, especially dogs, and he could not stand having a dog in his house. I tried to convince him that my dog is a good one, but he has had his own fair share of dog bite, so he wouldn't even tolerate it at all.

[My dog and I are taking a walk]

There are so many people who would not even want a dog close to their territory as a result of stories they have heard about dog bites and the effect of dog bites on humans. Are these people exaggerating, or do they have some good points with their claims? Those are the things these publication aims to explore, enjoy reading friends.

What happens when there is a dog attack.

Pet dogs usually try to attack the head and neck region, while stray dogs usually attack hands and legs. A dog's attack could be based on anger or attack, and it could also be a predatory bite. When a dog attacks based on defence or anger, it would usually show some tooth marks which could be similar with a human bite but in the case of a predatory bite, a dog would pull and attempt to tear.

During a dog attack, bacteria from the dog's mouth could get into the skin of the affected person, which could result in infection.
A dog could also bite when he is overexcited, the good thing however is that, not every dog bite comes with infection, research shows that only 10 to 15 percent of total dog bite that happens actually comes with infection, this is usually as a result of dog bites that usually go untreated. After a dog attack, these are some ways to identify the presence of infection. When any of these symptoms is noticed, it is best to get medical help as soon as possible:


  • The victim begins to feel unusual fatigue.
  • The victim begins to sweat profusely at night.
  • The victim experiences muscle weakness.
  • The presence of pulse coming out of the wound.
  • Swelling around the wound region.
  • The victim experiences absence of sensation in the region where the bite had occurred.
  • The possibility of a swollen lymph nodes.1

However, before the occurrence of these symptoms, there are simple things that could be done immediately after a bite attack has occurred:

  • Ensure that the affected area is cleaned with running water for a few minutes.

  • Dry the wound, then proceed to cover it up with a neat dressing or even plaster if available.

  • Try to take painkillers if you feel any type of pain.
    After this, still visit a medical expert to check the depth of the injury and take advice accordingly. 2

When a dog bite goes beyond what we would usually describe as a non-infectious bite, there are possible complications that could result from the bite if left untreated.


** Sepsis**: This infection is a serious reaction to infection, it could also be a life-threatening infection which is characterized with: High or lower body temperature, extreme pain and discomfort, confusion, and excessive sleepiness. A doctor should be visited as soon as possible in order to avoid the complications that comes with sepsis, which would have rather been treated with antibiotics and intravenous fluids.

** Rabies**: Not all dogs are free from rabies, so when a dog with rabies bites its victim, there is a great possibility of infecting the victim with rabies. The symptoms of rabies are: Body weakness, itchy feeling around the bite region, a constant headache, any suspicion of rabies infection should be taken to a doctor for immediate treatment since the complications could be really fatal.

Capnocytophaga: This bite infection can take around 1-14 days after the dog bite has occurred before it begins to show symptoms like: Fever, headaches, joint pain, blisters around the wound region, vomiting and even diarrhoea. A doctor will prescribe good antibiotics that would help with the treatment of the infection. However, if these symptoms are ignored and left untreated, there is a possibility of developing: Heart attack, kidney failure and even gangrene.

** Tetanus**:This infection is characterized by experienced difficulty while swallowing, muscle stiffness, jaw cramping, Immediate medical attention should be given in this case in order to avoid complications. Tetanus vaccine is usually given by medical expert. 3

The advantage of having a dog at home is endless, and I have come to love the presence of a dog in my house that I really don't think I can do without them. However, as much as my dog can be a very lovely dog to be, he could be a beast to a stranger as a matter of fact, he is extremely overprotective of me and anytime he sees a stranger coming close to me, his response is to attack the stranger. Here are some simple ways to avoid dog bite;

Avoid dogs you are not familiar with, I constantly tell people that the fact that I have a dog at home does not make me immune to other dogs who does not know me.

Running away from a dog could result in an attack.

Dog owners should spend time with their dogs in order to reduce the level of loneliness they feel.

Use a leash when publicly walking with your dog, this way you have control over its movement.

Children should be educated on when to approach a dog.

Dog owners must understand the dog's body language, especially when the dog wants to be left alone.

Avoid barking at a dog.

Try, as much as you can, not to leave little children alone with your dogs, they are still dogs, and they may attack at any point.

If there is a dog attack, roll over in a ball like manner and protect your face with your arms. 4

The level of dog attack can be minimized if these steps are followed carefully.

For further study.


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I don't get along with dogs I don't hate them but am scared of them.ur dog looks healthy .

Thanks Sis, that dog is a full vibe on it's own, extra energetic. To think that at some point in my life I was completely scared of dogs is really funny, but their level of loyalty is extreme.

Me and dog, is a no no after I saw what a dog did to a 6 months old baby's head.

@cyprianj, don't be scared now, not all dogs are like that.

Dogs? Nah. I'll pass.

How often do you vaccinate your dogs against rabies though? Or how does the rabies thing work?

Since the vaccination was given completely when he was a puppy,the subsequent vaccination is once every three years.

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Very recently, an old lady living not very far from my place got attacked by her own dog. Her second dog tried to defend her, and the story ended up with the lady being urgently brought to the hospital, the attacking dog being killed by police and the other one by the animal doctor as suffering from very severe bites of the first dog...

We still do not know the reason of the initial attack, but this is a very sad and awful story :(

This is really scary, is it possible that the dog went crazy? This is a serious one.

I guess this is possible, but we will never know as the dog has been killed.

@lemouth The dog was obviously mad...dogs from research I have made also run mad. At that point they are violent, they attack even their owners.
My guess

I would indeed agree with this guess. I can barely see the old lady doing something bad to a dog she was living with for years, and that would have triggered the attack.

Really scary, I hope it never happens to my dog.

I hope so too!

I am officially crushing on you. See you and your dog now...

You go well...

I love dogs although, I didn't know they had predatory bites and non-predatory bites.

I also didn't know about the differences between stray dogs and pet dogs in terms of where they bite.

In total, it was a very good post.

Th best advice is that when you get a dog bite, see the doctor immediately and take anti-rabies medication.

In all, wonderful post.

By the way, which part of Nigeria are you based in?

Hello @oluwatobiloba,

I love dogs. This article is informative about how to deal with a dog bite. However, as a dog lover I found this statement a little alarming:

However, as much as my dog can be a very lovely dog to be, he could be a beast to a stranger as a matter of fact, he is extremely overprotective of me and anytime he sees a stranger coming close to me, his response is to attack the stranger.

In my home this would be a red flag. As a matter of fact, if I were adopting this dog from a shelter (all my dogs come from shelters) the people who run the shelter probably would warn me, or not adopt it out at all. It would be considered a dangerous dog.

Loving dogs as I do, I respect the power of their bite. I'm sure you keep that beautiful dog on a leash and warn others about its aggression.

Thank you for this most interesting article. Definitely, if you are bitten, you should get a tetanus booster at the very least if you shot is not recent.

Dear @agmoore, thanks for your concern and wonderful contribution. He is always in a safe cage during the day and released at night to protect the house against thieves, the case of robbery is increasing at a rather alarming rate over here but with a dog like mine, our house has been off limit for them.