The possibility of getting a fractured bone.

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Recently, I wrote about my consistent typhoid re-occurrence and how I’ve been frequenting the hospital to treat this condition then few days after recovering, it was my Mum who was diagnosed with diabetes and I had to look for ways to ensure she was stable and alright regardless of how weak I was feeling at the time, just after I thought all the health issues have been sorted, a young lady who has become really close to me and has become like a sister complained about pains in her arm. At first, I thought she must have slept on the arm and I assured her that the pain would go after a few hours.
To my surprise, she called me the following morning to inform me about the consistent pain she felt in the arm I was wondering what could have caused such consistent pain after she confirmed that she didn’t hit her hand on anything at any point in time. She went to a nearby pharmacy and she was given some pain killers to ease the pain, we were recommended as well to give some deep tissue massage and this was an extremely painful process, she cried so much that I had to leave as I could not bear to watch her go through such intense level of pain. We became hopeful that the pain would subside after a few hours but she was unable to either lift the arm or even get proper rest.


Normally, we should take her to the hospital but I could not afford the cost of a standard hospital at that time, and neither could she, but when the pain was becoming extreme she had to go home to her mother who said they would apply for some traditional medicine in order to ease the pain and heal the wound. I was bothered about what could have caused this sudden discomfort to her arm, so I decided to read up about it and find out the possible reasons why one could have a sudden pain.

Every symptom pointed out the fact that she had a bone fracture, bone fracture could actually come in different forms;
• Displaced fracture: In this case, the broken bone leaves a gap in between, in most cases, surgery is required to fix this type of bone fracture.
• Stress fracture: In this case of a broken bone, there is a crack and it is difficult to find with imaging.
• Closed or open fracture: In the occurrence of fracture, the skin could either open or remain closed, when the skin opens, it is known as an open fracture but in a situation when there is a no open skin, it is called closed or compound fracture.
• Complete fracture: In this case of fracture, there is a complete break in the bone, splitting the bone into two.
• Transverse fracture: This describes a break across the bone.
• Pathological fracture: The occurrence of an underlying condition that tends to get the bone weak has the capacity to cause fracture as well.
• Hairline fracture: A partial bone fracture, a thin one at that.
• Fracture dislocation: When there is a dislocation in the joint and one part of the bones in the joint experiences a fracture.
• Comminuted fracture: The point when the bone gets shattered into different pieces.

There are lots of activities that could result in bone breakage, some of them are; falls from cars, injuries obtained during sport,s or falls, but in reality, anyone can actually break a bone. Every normal person usually has an experience of fracture once or twice in a lifetime, the possibility is however higher whenever there is an exertion of external force on the region concerned.


Advancement in age is a very strong reason why we may experience a fractured bone although there are possible causes of fracture in children. 1 before we begin to dive into details about bone fracture, it is important for us to understand what a bone is and the role it plays in the human body. 2

Do we need bone to function?

Bones are part of the makeup constituent of the skeleton in the body, they give room for environmental interaction, and they also lift the body against environmental gravity. Bone is responsible for the attachment of muscles, it is the muscles that give room for humans to sit, jump, kneel, run, lift items, etc. Bones in the body also function as a form of protection for organs against every form of potential damage.

The body stores calcium through the bone, calcium regularly enters and exit’s the bone through the bone hormones.

How do you know you have a fracture?

There are noticeable ways to realize when there is a fractured bone; it is noticeable by;
• Swelling around the experienced region.
• Difficult experience with the limb.
• Constant pain in the region. 3

• Discolouration around the affected area.
• Inability to lift or place weight on the region.
• In the case of open fracture, bleeding is experienced.
• Dizziness.
• Nausea.
• Sensation in the affected area.

Certain complications come up in bone fracture cases, if the fracture occurs close to blood vessels nerves or muscles, and joints, there is a likely possibility of complication.

When a fracture occurs in children, it may be difficult to diagnose, this is because the bone in children does not have sufficient calcium that would enable visibility on an x-ray.
If the fracture occurs close to the joint, there is a risk of permanent arthritis or permanent stiffness, which could mean the affected patient might be unable to bend the joint before the injury occurred.

The bone may also heal in the wrong position, the possibility of this, is having bone heal in the wrong area.

Bacteria can enter the body through broken skin and this would result in persistent infection. 4
When a fracture occurs in the spine, the ribs, or in the skull, it comes with associated complications. 5

Usually, the healing process of fractures could take up to weeks and even months depending on how severe the condition is, there are however possible complications that may delay the healing process, Smoking, alcohol, high body mass index, and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs during this period could result in possible complications. Even after healing, experts advise that physical therapy is carried out in order to restore muscle strength to the affected area.

The pain associated with a fractured bone is intense and can be really painful. However, there are ways to prevent the likelihood of having a fractured bone, through some lifestyle adjustments and changes.

Having a fractured bone can be prevented.

Getting exposed to sunlight, the consumption of more eggs and oily food are great sources of Vitamin D which are highly required by the body to absorb calcium.
The consumption of milk, cheese, yogurt, and dark green leafy vegetables are great sources of calcium, the body requires an adequate supply of calcium for healthy bones.

Exercises that are weight-bearing help to improve muscle mass a lot and they can greatly reduce the risk of having a bone fracture.
Advancement in age is one of the very serious contributing factors to bone fracture, it is important for us to pay more attention to the strength of our bones as we advance in age.

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