The Place of Genetic Hereditary in Obesity.

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I know of a certain woman who has excessive weight, what we scientifically consider as obesity, but I was even more shocked when I saw her children yesterday and the three of them were really big just like their mother, I began to wonder if this obesity thing is a family thing and if it’s possible for the kids to be obese just because their mother is. You already know I do not have the perfect answers to these questions but certainly, I know how to make extensive research and bring you answers that have proper scientific backings. Are you as curious as I am, then join me as we get answers to our curious minds.


The rise in the cases of obesity has been attributed to the constant intake of high calories from food and drinks without any form of physical activity, it has however also been noticed that not everyone who lives in an environment like this one becomes obese, these means there are other factors that make people obese asides from the constant intake of high calories without exercise.

The possibility of becoming obese through genes.

Most cases of obesity have been discovered to be a result of complex interactions of genes, as well as certain environmental factors. It is clear that family or inherited genes cannot be changed, but the environmental factors that contribute greatly to this condition can be improved, this would result in an healthy habit of eating and improved physical exercises, this way the gene that would be passed unto the next generation would be improved upon. 1

One of the genes that results in excessive weight gain is FTO (Fat mass and obesity associated gene), those who have these gene may find it extremely difficult to control their urge for food intake, these genes could result in;

• Inability to control the urge for food intake.
• Likely possibility of being sedentary.
• Increased storage of body fat.
• High hunger level. 2

In a case like this where food intake is greater than energy exerted, the excessive energy is converted into fat and it is stored in the adipose tissue. Consistent accumulation of excessive fat over a long period, will lead to weight gain.


Engagement in hedonic eating is the consumption of more food based on reward of senses like the good smell that comes out of the food and the satisfaction that would result from food consumption, the signals are easily transmitted through; opioid, dopaminergic. The release of Dopamine in the brain gives out signal of a strong desire to eat often triggered by emotion which could either be sadness or extreme happiness. 3

How do I know if I am Obese.

Measurement of obesity is rightly done through BMI an accurate measurement of weight compared with height. A BMI of 25 to 29 is classified under the category of being overweight while the BMI of 30 is classified as obesity. 4

What to do about genetic obesity.

Change in environment and eating habit would go a long way in solving obesity problems.

Every form of physical activity should be on an enhanced level.

Having a set goal on the fitness height to achieve in a week, will make it more easy to loose more weight and become even stronger while at it.

It is not easy to keep up with these daily habits and targets, it is advisable to seek for support from friends and family, those people who will remind you of the activities you need to do even if you are not up for it, you can also join a group of people who have the same goals and together everyone has some form of encouragement to do and of course an healthy body to benefit.

There are certain medications that can help the process, we need to however make sure that the medications are prescribed by the doctor, in order to avoid taking medications that may overreact along the line. There are so many over the counter medications and beverages that promises to help people lose weight, but the after effect of these product may not be publicly written, it is best to get recommendations from a medical expert.


Other weight loss options.

• Gastric balloon system: For this operation, the doctor places either one or two balloon’s in the stomach of the patient, the balloon is placed in the stomach with the help of a tube that is passed through the mouth, once the balloon gets successfully placed in the stomach, it is filled up with salt and water that occupies space in the stomach and makes the patient feels more full, therefore unable to consume more unhealthy meals.

• Electrical stimulation system: In this case, a surgeon places a device in the abdomen of the patient through laparospic surgery, this device blocks off every form of activity going on between the brain and the stomach.

• Gastric emptying system: This weigh loss option is done with the help of pump, the pump drains part of consumed food from the stomach after a meal. This process is successfully done with the help of an inserted tube which goes from inside the stomach to the outer part of the abdomen, after 20-30 minutes of food consumption, the pump is used to drain food from the stomach into the toilet through the tube.

• Bariatric surgery is a surgery type associated with changes to digestive system, most people that go for this weight loss option are those who have not been able to loose sufficient weight. 5


Inherited gene may be part of the determining factor to the spread of obesity, but the main reason behind obesity is environmental and physical activities. One of the best ways to eliminate obesity is through increased physical activities and reduction of food consumption.



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