The Implications of Dehydration.

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My people always say water is life, which means there is no way we can exist without water. People who go on the spiritual exercise of fasting for days and even months, always emphasize that they take water breaks from time to time. This is a clear example of how valuable water is, and how important water could be.


It however, gets to the point where the quantity of water lost from the body is not as sufficient as the one coming in, that is where a clear case of dehydration comes in. When the body does not have sufficient water and other body fluids to carry out appropriate functions, it gets dehydrated. Dehydration is not only about water intake but also about water retention.

While some of us may like to consider dehydration to be a very simple situation, it may not be completely true as the effects of dehydration could produce; seizures, coma, shock, kidney failure, heat exhaustion, swelling of the brain, and low blood volume shock.

Dehydration comes in different forms; we have mild, moderate, and severe forms of dehydration. Let's check out the explanations one after another.
Mild dehydration creates symptoms like; reduced urination, excessive thirst, dry mouth, and sweating. Children usually get mild dehydration when they lose about 3-5% of their body weight due to the loss of fluid. A mild case of dehydration can be treated simply through the intake of more fluid, electrolyte drinks, and oral rehydration solutions that can be purchased from drugstores.

A case of dehydration is moderate when it comes to more intense symptoms of mild dehydration. Children who have it, usually have lost about 6-10% of their body weight and would require fluid intake through an IV.

A severe case of dehydration comes with symptoms of rapid breathing, dizziness, sunken eyes, fainting, and a racing heart. Children who have this type of dehydration lose 10% of their body weight, when this happens, there is a requirement for immediate medical attention where the affected patient may be treated with IV fluids that contain salt.

I mentioned earlier that, dehydration isn't only about water intake, it is also about the volume of water retention. Water is lost in the body through; sweating, pooping, peeing, breathing, spitting, and tears. The fluid lost through these means is often replaced through fluid intake and the consumption of food that contains water. More often than not, more water is lost through; vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and excessive sweating.

Anyone can get dehydrated, but the risk of dehydration is higher for some people than others;

  • Babies who most likely cannot complain about being thirsty, and are prone to lose water from high fever.

  • Older adults may not realize how thirsty they are, and may not be able to get a drink as soon as they should. In some cases, may not even be able to take in sufficient fluid due to their medical conditions.

  • The presence of chronic diseases like type 1 or 2 diabetes, which could lead to excessive urination if not controlled.

  • Ill patients who have a cold or sore throat and who need to eat or drink.

The best treatment and remedy for dehydration is more intake of fluid;

  • Water should be taken before mealtime.

  • Allow water to become an alternative for surgery, caffeinated, or alcoholic drinks.

  • A bottle of water should regularly be your companion whenever you go out.

  • A slice of lime or lemon will make water more enjoyable for consumption.

  • Set reminders to know when it is time for water intake.

  • Add foods rich in water, such as; fruits, vegetables, and soups to your diet.



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