Exploring the need for regular exercise.

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Ever since I started gaining weight, I made it a point of duty to go through some morning exercise on a daily basis which happens to be a good thing but then, we do not need to wait until there is a weight gain before exercising. Everyone needs to exercise regularly either slim or fat, I know of people who give the excuse of being slim as a reason why they do not need to exercise but as we go along with this article, I hope to explore the great benefits behind regular exercise and the reasons why it shouldn't be ignored.

Exercising can be described as any form of activity that requires constant body movement which aids the burning of calories and the movement of muscles.



Let us explore the wonderful benefits of exercising.

Exercises boost happiness.

Endorphins are known to produce positive feelings in the body, their function also includes the reduction in the feeling of pain. During the period of exercising, the body secrets endorphins. Endorphins help with mode issues, the feeling of anxiety, and depression.

Researchers claim that people who stopped exercising have a case of increased anxiety and depression and this is because exercise creates changes in the brain part where stress and anxiety are regulated.

Increase in energy level.

Body movement helps the heart pump more blood, regular exercising makes the heart become more efficient at the moving of oxygen into the blood, in the same vein, the muscle becomes more efficient as well.



Exercises contribute to weight loss.

The body is said to accumulate extra weight after being inactive for a long time, one of the ways to burn out this weight gain is through regular exercise. Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to burn calories every day, weight loss and muscle mass are also maintained through exercise.

Exercises reduce the risk of diseases.

Scientific research has proven that regular exercise helps in the control of the effect of blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancers, heart complications, hypertension, and various cancer types.

Muscle and bone benefits.

Everyone needs strong bones and muscles and a functional exercise routine like weightlifting will help build bones and muscles. During the process of exercise, the body releases certain hormones, these hormones are known to promote the ability of the muscle to absorb amino acids, which in turn will help the muscle grow.

Naturally, as we advance in age, we tend to lose muscle mass which will lead to the risk of getting injured regularly. However, constant exercise will help the body maintain strength and reduce muscle loss.

[A picture of one of my workout sessions]

Improves the quality of sleep.

The quality of sleep by those who exercise regularly has been noticed to improve greatly. This is one thing I can also tell of personally before I started exercising, I use to experience latency which has improved to a great extent since I started exercising.

Improves sex quality.

Engaging in regular exercises improves sexual quality, men who had erectile dysfunction symptoms were noticed to have a reduced symptom after exercising for some days. An Increased sexual drive was also found to be very common amongst women who exercise regularly.

Improves skin condition.

Oxidative stress accumulated in the body can affect the appearance of the skin, a considerable level of exercise will help in the stimulation of blood flow which will, in turn, induce the adaptations of skin cells that will help delay the appearance of skin aging.

Safety considerations while exercising.

There are considerations that need to be put in place during the process of exercise, following these safety tips will help reduce the risk of getting injured or getting involved in any form of accident.

  • Begin with a slow process.

It is appropriate and advisable to begin the process of exercising at a very slow rate, this will allow your heart rate to get used to the process before the intense routine begins.

  • Appropriate dressing.

Putting on an extremely tight shoe during exercise will possibly cause injury to a great extent, putting on appropriate cloth during exercise makes a huge difference and makes the process of exercise smooth.

  • Stop, the moment there is a feeling of pain.

Any noticed form of discomfort or dizziness during the process of exercising should be halted immediately and medical help should be sought.

Exercise type for the aged.

We already pointed out that exercise is very beneficial for everyone, but aged people might not be able to go through the strenuous process of exercise like young individuals. Here are certain examples of exercises that older adults can engage in to actually keep their health in check as well.

  • Stationary cycling.

Most gyms have stationary bicycles, and stationary cycling creates a great form of aerobic exercise without causing injury to the body.

  • Swimming.
    Swimming is another great type of aerobic exercise that older adults can engage in.

  • Squats.
    Older adults can also choose squats as a form of exercise, this will help them maintain a proper body balance.

  • Yoga

  • Reguar body streching.

How to enjoy exercise routine.

Exercise needs to be fun and not considered a regular chore,when the process of exercising is enjoyed, we try not to miss a moment of exercising every day.

  • Join a workout group.

Joining a group will make work out more interesting, it will also help you make more friends in the process.

  • Reward yourself every time you exercise properly this will help you to get engaged in more exercise looking forward to the reward.

  • You can watch your favorite t.v show during exercise.


I hope that after reading this, you pick up your workout material and you begin to exercise constantly. Thank you for your time friends, enjoy the rest of the week.







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