Does science have any impact on my retarded hair growth?

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We all seem to have that friend whose hair has been stagnant for years, I really don't know if this is limited to African's because most non-American movies I watch contain characters with a long hair. In Nigeria, it is a big blessing to have people with long hair since most of us have short hair including myself (lol). I have heard cases of women who completely scrap their hair in order to have a new one grow but at the end of the day, the hair grows a little and then doesn't get as long as they want it. This makes me ask questions about if this is a hereditary challenge or even some medical issues, let's find out through this post, some possible reasons why an individual's hair would not record any significant growth over the years.

Hair is really important for both male and female gender, as it completely adds up to the physical appearance of both genders.


There are basically three stages and two components behind hair growth;

Anagen is an active hair growth stage that lasts for about 2-8 years.

Catagen is a phase of transition, at this stage, hair stops growing but only lasts for around 4 -6 weeks.

Telogen phase is a resting phase where hair falls out, this phase lasts for as long as 2-3 months.1

Hair's component is made up of protein and skin cells, the protein found in hair is known as keratin, both keratin and skin cells are dead cells. Regardless of the cell being dead, they are both actively involved in the process of hair growth. It is really important for us to know that, different parts of the hair can be in different stages at the same time. While the front part of the hair could be in the anagen phase, the back side of the hair could be in the catagen phase.


Despite the fact that, there are different stages to hair growth and hair loss, there are certain factors that also contributes to hair damage greatly.

While we cannot necessarily control the process of hair growth, we can take advantage of hair growth during the period of its activeness.

  • Consume more vitamins:The body requires a great amount of supplement and vitamins in order to function appropriately, not eating healthy meals would definitely limit hair growth.

  • Consumption of a healthy amount of water contributes seriously to the health of the hair. The hydration got from the body, has a huge impact on the hair as well, a hydrated hair has a reduced possibility of experiencing breakage, since the hair happens to the most dry part of the body, it is essential to keep it healthy and hydrated.

  • Be specific about hair care products: The type of product applied to the hair has a lot to do with the turn out of the hair. Certain natural essential oils like castor, coconut oil, mineral oil as well as sunflower oil, can do a lot of good to the hair by preventing hair damage.

  • Having a scalp massage is a good way of stress relieve, but has also been a proven way of boosting hair growth.

  • Protecting the hair from physical damage: Having the hair protected from physical damage will not make it grow, but would prevent the hair from loss. Some physical damage are: Continuous repetition of style, the making of extremely tight hair, the application of shampoo to the hair in a rough manner.

  • Avoid extreme application of hot objects to your hair. Scientifically, heat to the hair breaks down the presence of hydrogen bonds to the hair, so if you are looking for hair growth, extreme hotness isn't good for you.2

Conditions that affects hair growth.

Genetics, has so much to say about the level and height of hair growth. Family history of huge volume of hair would automatically result in the same for the child, while a child from a family of a low volume of hair growth, should not expect anything from the family norm. This tends to be my case anyway, because I am from a long list of short haired beings, and of course my case isn't any different. I really think I should get married to someone whose family has a history of long hair so that my kids would also benefit from what I love to consider as a huge blessing.

  • Extreme stress is another common reason behind hair loss.

  • Scalp infection like ringworm, fungal infection.

  • Certain medications could adversely contribute to hair loss.

  • Some pregnant women have also reported some cases of hair loss, while some report hair gain.[1]

While it may seem normal for few hair losses, constant and heavy hair loss must not be taken for granted since it could occur as a result of a medical condition. Some medical condition that can contribute to hair loss are; Thyroid disorders, rapid weight gain, syphilis, lupus, malnutrition, sex-hormone imbalance.
These conditions, once detected early, would be treated by experts and this would mean the return of hair to normalcy.


Hair growth is a natural process but accompanied by lots of external factors which could either be a positive or a negative reaction. With good hair care products and attention being paid to the hair, then you should have your hair growing and doing just fine, except of course you have some hereditary traits like me.

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There was a distinct age-stage around late-twenties where many women I knew started, almost simultaneously, complaining about losing quite a lot of their hair, while other people were like, 'um, it looks the same', though the women were, strictly speaking, right in that they were losing more hair than before. Dunno if it's some medical thing, or if women just lose more hair starting around that age, and they perceive it as quite unnatural cos they're comparing it to their teen years.

I really think it is natural to loose hair sometimes (on a moderate level) as long as there is no health issue involved, the hair will definitely grow back with appropriate care. Thanks for reading.

I really think I should get married to someone whose family has a history of long hair so that my kids would also benefit from what I love to consider as a huge blessing.

!LOL. Are you gonna get married for science or for love? 😁

Thank you for sharing. 🙂


Lol, I will marry for love ooo but I also wouldn't ignore the place of science (winks).

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I definitely belong to those who don't really care about their hair... They always look a bit chaotic.

It was nevertheless interesting to read about their evolution. Thanks for this blog!

I have sincerely missed your comments on my blog. Most people who do not care about hair are those who have long hair, but people like me who have really short hair are usually concerned about it (really funny), thanks for your time, Sir.