Aged Adults and Body Pains (Associated Reasons and Posible Solutions).

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Last year I took it upon myself to run errands for a certain old woman whose children are no longer around, she has no one to help her get to the market and other things, once I heard her story, I promised the children to do the little I can to assist. She regularly complains about body pain and the pharmacist that gives her medications says it is a normal symptom for the aged. This morning, however, it seemed the pain intensified and she could not even get up from the bed, I had to quickly call a nurse to come to help me check her at home since lifting her will cause her even more pain.

Aches and pains are certain attributes associated with age advancement, but the possible reasons and the periods when we should take the treatment to another level are something we definitely need to be cautious about.


There are three basic sources of physical pain in adults, the pain could be from joint pain, trauma from falls as well as muscle strains. Certain illnesses begin to show up at some point as well.

Osteoporosis: This bone weakness affects both males and females even if the condition is more predominant in the female gender and this is a result of the smaller bones that combines with the loss of estrogen in women (estrogen in women begins in menopause). therefore making their body more prone to bone loss.

Sarcopenia: Aged bodies are less active to trap and utilize nutrients. A simple activity that will stress the muscle, will result in pain and inflammation since the muscle is weak, balance is also affected and of course, the risk of experiencing a fall is inevitable.

Old age comes with the inability of the body to absorb nutrients, mass loss of the muscle is also sped up as regards to this, this makes the aged individual feel really weak as a significant amount of strength has been lost. The effect of Sarcopenia is usually shown at age 40 but it gets really worse when the individual begins to advance to age 60-70. There are common causes of Sarcopenia are:

  • Extreme level of stress.
  • The absence of physical inactivity.
  • Absence of protein.
  • Illnesses like heart and liver disease.
    This condition is characterized by extreme weight loss and an inability to get engaged in any form of activity.


Arthritis: There is a tissue surrounding the joints, this lining breaks down in aged individuals periodically and it gets inflamed. Arthritis affects the joint capsule. 1

One thing about the body is that the manner in which it was taken care of when it was still young and active, will reflect greatly in old age. If one has to live through old age with extreme pain and discomfort, then I really don't think anyone would want to live through old age, but there are certain lifestyle changes that can help reduce the pain.

The tendonitis is payback by the body if there was a previous injury, or there was a case of extreme regular hard work/movement during a young age.

The shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles are usually the affected areas when the body is experiencing tendonitis. The symptom of this condition occurs at the age of 40 and it is characterized by;

  • Loss of motion around the shoulder region.
  • Stiffness while waking up.
  • An increased ache through movement.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic medical condition that puts the entire body through pain, the pain is usually so extreme that it creates sleep disorders as well as mental distress. The condition has symptoms like;
Migraines, Cognitive and memory loss, Numbness, Digestive problems, Pains as well as body stiffness.

  • Bone spurs are a growth type that affects the spine and the neck, when bone spurs begin to press on neighboring nerves, ligaments, and tendons, it will create lower back and joint pain.

Pain in aged adults is extremely common and a lot of aged individuals complain about pain from time to time, but there are some who feel it in a more advanced way than others, these simple lifestyle changes would go a long way in making old age blissful without much pain.

  • The consumption of meals that are rich in Vitamin E and Calcium such as almonds, peanut butter, olive oil, and salmon will aid bone and joint health.

  • Try out a warm bath then proceed with applying a cold pack kept in the fridge on your joints to help get relief a little bit.

  • Regular simple exercises will help reduce joint pain as inflammation is reduced or even completely prevented through the exercise process.

  • Taking rest regularly is extremely important. 1

  • Yoga provides good mental support, it also provides strength and balance to the body.

  • Aged adults must learn to walk around, walking is a leisure activity that will help stretch the body and relax the mind. 3

  • Pain relief which could be over-the-counter medications, helps to ease the pain a lot.


Old age is often associated with body pains, but there are other factors that can trigger body pains in old age or even make the pain worse. The use of the body at a young age will definitely have an adverse effect on the body during old age and of course, there are associated ailments and sicknesses that can trigger body pain in aged individuals.

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