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RE: Lessons from Space Studies

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Great article by trhe way, so comprehensive on a range a topics. On the last part I really do believe humans will be on mars this decade, the pace of development at SpaceX is unprecedented. I am sure the competition isn't that far behind either. For humanity's sake let's all get behind their efforts and come together as one to support them.


When you said for humanity's sake, what do you mean? What does humanity stand to gain by a few men visiting mars? Remember that the rover robot can actually do much more than humans on mars.

I know there are lots of down to earth problems that need money and recourses, and space programs compete for that money and it's a conplicated issue. From my perspective humans are curious animals and exploration is engrained into some of us. Mars and other space missions inspire òur population and the benefits are hard to measure but this inspiration can lead people to pursue science perhaps in fields that have a more direct impact on humanity like medicine.

If thinking about the long game as Elon Musk believes the only way to survive an inevitable catastrophe on earth as a species is to become a multi planetary species, and these efforts are just the beginning

Not many people share Musk's beliefs that human needs to be multi-planetary for future survival. Chances are currently non-existing that we can survive on another planet. I am of the opinion that we take better care of our planet and rather make it more habitable than trying to find solace in another.