Why suicide?

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Suicide which is an act of committing one's own death intentionally has become rampant nowadays, it is in public domain that many well to do men including Lecturers, Professional, Doctors, Scientist, Business men among others who are successful in their professions but later end up in committing suicide either by hanging or through poisonous substance.

Many times, it used to be difficult to imagine what might have led an individual to commit a suicide, of course, many factors might have been combined to warrant such a decision to take up their own life.

Researchers have tried over the years to investigate the causes of suicide: hopelessness, social isolation, unhealthy competition, pain and illness, financial instability among others have been discovered as factors that may lead to suicide.

The keys to happy and healthy life are indeed many and they all worth given attention to. However, the society we live on has prioritized money above every other things, whereas it should be the last things on the list because our effort in making money is partially lies on nature and not only on our strength or ability.


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Let's look at some of the factors that have been discovered as causes of committing suicide .

1. Hopelessness

Studies have revealed the fact that many people easily give it up in a time of challenging. The thought of having no hope either from the family, friends and relatives makes people to commit unexpected things like suicide. They easily forget the phrase "life is not a bed of roses".

2 Social Isolation

No one can live alone in this life and expect longevity, the nature has made us to be in need of one another, we depend on ourselves, especially our love ones for so many things, in case a person lost his or her love ones or relocate to a new position or due to retirement from work, low self esteem among others might lead to social isolation which might cause depression and later leads to a suicide. One should try every possible means to avoid such a situation or providing an alternative where there is a need.

3.Loss or Fear of Loss

Most times, the fear of unknown kills faster than one could imagine, research has shown that in most of what people used to fear, more than 70% of it don't usually happen so why creating unnecessary tension that might lead to depression.

4. Chronic Pain and Illness

People easily loose hope when passing through a chronic pain or illness that seems not to have a cure, depression sets in from hopelessness of getting a cure and may lead to committing unexpected action such as suicide. Anyone in such a situation should try as much as possible to open up to people, especially when passing through the pain or illness.

5. Traumatic Stress

Many people have suffered an abuse such as physical abuse, sexual abuse among others right from their childhood. It is not always easy to forget such an abuse as such those involved always at higher risk to commit suicide each time they remember such an atrocity. Although it always depend on the level of the abuse.

6. Financial Instability

Of course, we can not rule out the importance of having a stable financial income, especially those who were known to be rich in the past, they will always find it difficult to cope in society once they are not financially buoyant, depression always sets in once there is reduction of income and if such fellow is not careful , anything can happen. Although it also depends on the level of reduction in their financial status just like traumatic stress.

7. Staying with oppressors

Anyone staying with oppressors will never be happy and emotionally stable in life because the aim of the oppressors is to always make the other fellows feeling bad. It is very important to move far away from anyone whose aim is to oppress.

8. Unhealthy competition

Unhealthy competition should not be encouraged at all because it does not always create a reason to see any goodness in others. It makes the less privilege to see him/herself as inferior to others and that may definitely leads to depression which might result in committing unwanted atrocity like suicide among others. Of course, not every competition is unhealthy competition. A healthy competition should be encouraged as it gives room for an improvement. One should try as much as possible to stay away from unhealthy competition because of its consequence.

These are some of the factors which make people committing suicide, We all own it as a duty to create awareness that will put a stop to high rate of suicide in our community.

Thanks for coming around and I do hope you will play your role towards helping humanity at large.



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