Which Programming language has Better Future?

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One of the frequently asked question (faq) by a newbie who want to venture into programming field is which programming language has better future?, it was also asked by @alokkumar121 in my last post titled Structured Programming: A Turning Point in Software Development Process

I dont think that anyone can learn all languages but which language do you suggest which has better future ?


No doubt, when it comes to choosing a specific programming language for a newbie to start with, it may be panic at times since there are hundreds of programming languages to choose from, however, having a deep understanding of the rationale behind venturing into programming field is half of the journey solved in programming journey.

Generally, many people venture into programming field for different reasons, as such, it is enough to share some of the benchmarks to be considered when choosing your desire programming language (s) to start with.

Benchmarks to be considered when choosing a Programming language

People, especially a newbie must be decisive enough about the reason(s) why he or she is venturing into programming, however, based on my experienced over time, the two most common reasons that people consider when choosing their desire programming language(s) are listed and discussed below:

1. Learning Programming because of specific Technology
2. Learning Programming because of job prospects and future
3. Learning Programming to boost brain

1. Learning Programming based on specific Technology


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Having the interest of a specific application in mind always trigger some newbies to develop an interest in learning programming language, generally, computer application can be divided into various categories, few among the currently reigning types are listed and discuss below:

  • Web Applications and Web Services

People venture into programming because they want to be involved in developing website application packages also known 'Web Applications', no doubt, we are in the era of website application packages, for more than a decades ago, people have been actively involved in moving their businesses online for easy access to their products anytime and anywhere, also web 3.0 is fast approaching which entails block-chain technology as the architecture, thus making it the backbone of cryptocurrency among other applications such as internet-of-things which will solely depend on web 3.0 technology.

The future of learning any programming language related to web programming language is recommended because its usage won't end soon, in fact, to some people, 'programming in the web is an unfinished project'. Some of the hot web programming language includes: Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, PHP, Go, SWIFT, Ruby, C, Structure Query Language among others.

  • Desktop applications (also called 'Windows applications')

Some people venture into programming because they want to be involved in creating window based applications, that is an application that can be installed directly on end user's system without a need to host it online or connect to internet before it can be used, some of the application in this category include the popular Microsoft suit packages and any customized application software.

However, when it comes to choosing a programming language for dektop application like the mentioned above, it is preferable to choose a programming language that can produce an application which may run on different kind of operating system. Some of the programming language used in building desktop application includes: C#, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, Red-Lang, Go, and Object Pascal.

  • Mobile application

People also venture into programming because of the need to develop mobile application like game app, Netflix, Facebook or TikTok among others. They are the desktop application in mobile phone. Some of the programming language that works well with mobile applications include: Java, JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin, C++, C#, PHP, Objective-C, HTML 5, Ruby, Rust, Lua, Action Script, SQL among others.


2. Learning Programming based on job prospects and future

People venture into programming because of job prospect and the future of the programming field, in this case, having a survey of the programming languages that are usually required by the advertised jobs can land you your dream job, the three most common applications required in the market have been discussed above, also currently machine learning and artificial intelligence field is in higher demands and in needs of programmers, so learning python, R Programming, Java, JavaScript, Julia, Lisp, Scala, C/C++, TypeScript is a good idea.


3. Learning Programming to boost brain

It has been confirmed by many researchers that learning programming can boost one's cognitive and problem-solving skills, as such, many people venture into programming field just because they just want to learn how to program in order to boost their brain. In this case starting with a simple program is recommended. Starting with Python, PHP, SQL, JavaScript/java, and HTML is recommended for a newbie.

Final thought!

Having discussed some of the reasons to be considered when choosing your desire programming language, it is interested to note that there are some programming languages that seem to be common to all the benchmarks discussed above, such programming languages may be prioritized for recommendation not only to a newbie but also for an experienced programmers who want to have a feel of other hot programming languages in the industry.

Based on the survey above, Python programming language seems to be the most common programming language in demand except in mobile application since it is not a native to the mobile application environment, although there are packages such as PyQt, Kivy, and Beeware’s Toga library that people are using to create mobile application with python. JavaScript and Java programming language are also common based on the benchmark discussed above, so learning the two is also recommended.

Thanks for being with me in my journey towards choosing the best programming language for a newbie.

Your reaction and support is always appreciated!


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