What Not To Do To a Baby!

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Every electronic gadget in the market usually comes along with user's guide that is usually inform of a written document and its main purpose is to guide the users, especially on the safety precautions and operation of such a particular system. In order to ensure maximum use and protection of such electronic gadget, one needs to strictly follow the precautions therein and failure to do so might lead to unexpected outcome, especially if we are not used to such a gadget in the past.


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However, this is not the case when we are blessed with a new born baby, unlike electronic gadget, there is no such thing as user's guide towards nurturing an infants. Although, the hospital through the doctors and nurses usually disseminate vital information to the newest parents yet there are many not to do that the new mothers may not be aware of, and no doubt some of them pose a great threat to the health of infants and may even cause their death.

Some of Don't ever do to a baby are discussed below!

Shaken Baby Syndrome


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Shaken baby syndrome is caused due to sudden movements that trigger the brain of the infant to accelerate and decelerate which later result in brain injury. Research has confirmed that the effect of shaking a baby at early stage may cause severe health related issues, and may even result in death.

A typical example of how it used to happen (causes)

Shaking and throwing a baby ups and down is a common habit among many people within my community, they did this to show a sign of happiness and togetherness, especially when they pay a joyous visit to the family of a new born baby. The fact that small babies heads are bigger than every part of their bodies including their fragile neck which serves as a pillar that holds the head, the muscles are not completely developed yet, so each time their head is shaken vigorously, the blood increase intracranial pressure. Due to this, veins can rupture. There is damage of the brain tissue and the complications can be permanent. Psycho-motor development delay, deafness, eye injuries, and even death.

Note: Never mistaken Shaken Baby Syndrome for rocking your baby in your arms, child swings or a bumpy stroller ride. One should never allow anyone to shake a baby front and back.

The symptoms of shaken baby syndrome may include the following:
poor eating, difficulty staying awake, vomiting, body tremors, paralysis, coma, seizures, trouble breathing, and discolored skin.

Baby contact infections


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The joy that comes along with successful delivery of a new born baby is so high that the new mother forget the pain she passed through during the course of nine (9) months pregnancy. To show a sign of happiness and deep sense of belonging to the family of the new born baby, many well wishers in the household, place of work, family members, religious group, association and all well wishers in the society usually pay a courtesy visit to the new born baby almost everyday till the next 30 or more days.

During the course of this visitation, it has been a normal routine in my community to give the new born baby to the guest to carry, especially when the new parents enjoy showing off their new born baby. However, this act poses a great threat to the health of infants and may even cause their death due to the various form of infections that infants may be contacted through contact with people. Many people pass infections to the infants through the following:

  • Kissing the infants

Both Love and affection have been confirmed to have a positive effect towards infants development and growth. However, despite their level of importance, it should be done with caution in order to avoid the unexpected. Expressing both with no caution may pose serious threat to an infant. The following have been confirmed to be the side effect of kissing an infant: Fever Blisters, RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), Allergic Reactions, Immune System Vulnerability, Foot, Hand, and Mouth Disease.

  • Carrying the infant with unwashed hands

Never allow people to carry your child without first washing their hands and that is if there is a need that they must carry your infant at all, make sure they wash their hands properly. Although this may not be easy, especially when it comes to high profile guests, but telling them you are maintaining covid-19 protocol is a good idea and point which no one may deny.

  • Exposing the new born baby to germs and guests that are potentially sick

During the first two months of infant's life, the immune system is at the point of growing and developing and not strong yet to protect the infants from contacting germs and infections from guests that are potentially sick, as such it is the duty of the parent to avoid any forms of infection that may be contacted through the sick people. It may be difficult though but precaution is always better than cure.

Final thought!

The course of parenting is a big task, especially at the point when you are ready to leave the hospital for home after successful delivery of a beautiful bouncing baby. Since there is no user's guide on how to fully take care of the infant, a feel of emptiness might come in place if you are first-time parents.

What usually comes to mind is the advice given by doctors and nurses and they are limited in number, thus, one of the options one might turn to is to read a related article like this via online and this treatise will help a lot and give you more confident about caring for your newborn baby in no time.

Thanks for your engagement always, I appreciate!


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Thank you for the tips on motherhood.

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It's my pleasure @wongi !

This is beautiful.

Funny enough, being a parent is the biggest job in the world, the hardest to keep and also the one which pays off the most.

This all, are great tips I must say. And as you mentioned, it really is difficult to keep, because as humans, visitors could easily get upset when parents caution them on how to handle their baby, but it's better to annoy your visitors than risk your child's life and safety.

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Exactly @malopie . Thanks for the contribution!

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Interesting ! From what age would you say we can start kissing him and it is okay if he gets sick a lot at daycare because he is socializing ?