Period Life Cycle and Fertility: Can I get pregnant during menstrual period?

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Some days ago, a friend of mine who has been looking for a child after many years of marriage, called my line, from his voice, I noticed he was a little bit disturbed, after short greetings as usual, he asked for the permissibility of having sexual intercourse during period, Oh' don't be surprised too, I'm not a medical consultant but I assumed that he decided to ask me based on my experience, especially from religious point of view, else he wouldn't have asked me.

Moreover, why did he think in that direction, well, I guessed his condition might have also prompted the idea of giving it a trial during mensuration period, it is indeed tough and boring at times to remain childless in marriage.


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Having understood his point of view, I immediately approached his question in two ways: Safety and Fertility.

Is it safe to have sexual intercourse during periods?

To the best of my knowledge, a number of religious doctrine had preached against having sexual intercourse during pregnancy since many centuries ago, it is indeed unclean and prohibited, as such it attracts a serious punishment in the sight of almighty God.

Scientists have also proven it many times that having direct sexual intercourse comes with a number of infections such as yeast infection due to vaginal discharge via skin to skin genital contact, however, the use of condom may definitely reduce the risk of contacting infection and may also reduce the chance of getting pregnant. However, further investigation have revealed some of the benefits of having protected sexual intercourse during periods, some of them include: better lubrication and period cramp relief.

Having sexual intercourse during periods, can it lead to pregnancy?


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I have seen women with varying degree of menstrual period in the past, some women usually spend four (4) days, to some, it is just five (5) days while some women spend seven (7) days throughout their monthly menstruation period, I have also heard that some women only spend two (2) days and three (3) days throughout their monthly menstruation, the length of their menstruation period also vary from one woman to another, it ranges from twenty (20) days to forty (40) days.

While getting pregnant may be miraculous and unpredictable at times, thorough investigations have revealed that the chances of getting pregnant varies from pre-menstrual period to menstrual period and post menstrual period. The periodic life cycle has been categorized into five (5) stages: Pre-menstruation stage, menstruation stage, Post-menstruation, Days around ovulation stage and finally post-ovulation stage.

  • Pre-menstruation stage

This is usually refer to duration before the start of a new menstruation, while the exact number of days is not fixed, for women with normal menstrual cycle, it is usually take place between 17th and 28th of every menstrual cycle. In this stage, there is thickening of uterine lining and most women used to be less fertile during this period which reduce the chance of getting pregnant.

  • Menstruation stage

This is the stage where women are known to be carrying out their menstrual activities, to some it usually comes with pain, headache, among others, it ranges between two(2) to seven (7) days and it has been regarded as the least fertile stage among all the stages mentioned above, as such the chances of getting pregnant during this period is low compare to other stages.

  • Post-menstruation

This is refer to day(s) immediately after the menstruation activities has come to an end, it usually take place between 8th and 9th day of monthly menstrual cycle, it is much possible to conceive during this stage.

  • Ovulation period

This is usually refer to the days around the ovulation period, it usually take place between 10th and 14th day of every menstrual cycle. Most women are usually fertile during this period, thereby the chance of getting pregnant during this period is so high when compare to other stages.

  • Post-ovulation period

These are days following the ovulation period, it is usually take place between 15th and 16th day of every menstrual cycle and there is also a possibility of getting pregnant during this period.


Final Thought!

Having discussed different stage of menstrual cycle and their fertility rate, the fact that human body is known to be different from one body to others, likewise the menstrual stages are different, as such, it is still advisable to pay close attention to the aforementioned stages in order to know your own exact days with which each of the stages fall into.

From the analysis above, it has been established that the chance of getting pregnant while menstruating is the least among all the stages, also the risk of getting infections is much high unless you consider using condom which may reduce the chance of getting infection and completely eliminate the chance of getting pregnant too.

Try as much as possible not to be emotional irrespective of the situation you may be passing through, pros and cons of every action should be considered and weighed accordingly, and lastly it is advisable to seek medical consultation from your trusted medical personnel always.

Thanks for reading my post always, your interaction over the years has kept me alive here.


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I guess a non-medical person advised your friend due to his predicament. The best would have been to copulate when the wife is ovulating, although there are no guarantees.

I guess a non-medical person advised your friend due to his predicament.

Yes, I thought as much too, I was surprised initially, but having considered his condition, I quickly changed my attitude towards his question. Here, there is nothing people can not proffer during tough times

It is pretty well written and most of the people are not really educated about those questions of sexuality that can lead to misinformation or irresponsability (in terms of protection against infection for exemple)

Some ways that can improve your post in my opinion :

  • Use more figures, the explanation of the mendtrual cycle can be better understood with simple diagram and I think that there are a lot of free to use resources about that on the web
  • Maybe talk about ovulation with more details or fertilization, at least if you don't talk about it share link with us where we can get the right informations about it

But in any case it was a good and informative post.

@enzor Thanks for your remarks and suggestion for improvement. I appreciate!

To go a little bit around the lines of @gentleshaid, the definition of the "best" period for sexual relations depend on the researched goal. If it is to get the woman pregnant, then of course the ovulation period is the best. But this definition of "best" strongly depends on the researched goal, doesn't it?

Yes, it is so and in this case the aim is to get a woman pregnant according to my friend, but it seems he has tried the ovulation period and there was no difference so he might have been advised to try the other way round.

He should try, and retry, and retry, and retry... as a first method. Then if it does not work, maybe discussing with some specialists could help.

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I believe the main reason of seeing menstrual period as unclean is because of sanitation challenges in situation where water is scarce.

For instance, there was scarcity of water when the Israelites were in the wilderness for 40 years. Under that condition, it's wise to avoid sexual intercourse during mentsruation.