Digital Addictions: Benefits and Consequences

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Some days ago, I was using a digital tool to read a treatise from @juecoree titled " The 5-hour Blackout : A look into Life without Electricity ". The season writer narrated what he passed through and the lamentation from his friends on social media during the cause of five (5) hours blackout in his country (Philippine) was also discussed, of course, this will not be the fist time I will read a related article on the topic, a typical example of this event is the blackout that took place in the United States of America some months ago.

Although, staying without government distributed electricity supply for long hours, even for a day or more is not a special thing in the part of the world (Africa) where I originated from. However, throughout the world, we have all used to life with electricity, either through the government distributed electricity supply or through the alternative means of generating power (generator, inverter, solar e.t.c), including those in rural areas.

In the same realm, the past seven (7) decades, 1947 precisely when the first transistor was invented: data transfer devices that underpin digital technology, thus, our life has fully been revolving round the so called digital technology, it has become an integral part of our lives across the world to the extent that we find it difficult to cope without it.


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Digital Technology

Digital technology tools can be referred to as any electronics tools that has the ability to accept and process information in discrete form, that is, it acts on information consisting of both alphabets, numeric and special symbols and expressed it only in binary digits representation known as 0's and 1's.

Computer only understand 0's and 1's as the only medium of communication, thereby it starts by comparing, counting, and manipulating these digits or their combinations according to a written set of instructions called program stored in its main memory in order to give information; hence device such as laptop, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phone, video games, video cameras, electronic toys and other microprocessors devices among others are all belong to digital technology.


Digital technology tools has fully transformed the educational sector, especially since the birth of covid-19, there has been a tremendous changes in the way we learn and disseminate lectures, many institutions that were technologically behind before have fully embraced the power of digital technology and getting hooked with it unlike before, thereby resulting in overall standard of the educational performance throughout the globe.

No doubt, a lot of digital games have been proven to show cognitive acceleration, especially those that involve quick decision making , puzzles and others that are known for stimulating problem solving. In fact, the importance of digital technology in our daily activities can never be overlooked, our business activities, educational pursuit, relationship with friends and family and many more are now depend on digital technology.

Have you ever imagine a life with no digital technology? a situation whereby you are cut off from social medial, cut off from using your laptop, phone device, no video game and no television?


Many online traders and crypto trading gurus will find it difficult to do away with their phones and laptops for a second, let alone cutting them off from internet connection, since one of the rules of online trading in general is never sleep, an instance of this is the rise of Hive's price two days ago, from $0.65 to almost $1.15 before the steady downfall to $0.741 as at the time of writing this post. No good traders will like to miss that peak ($1.15), as such making them addicted more to the digital technology and more close to their trading activities like never before since every second counts.


Like I used to say: there is no technology that has advantage and leaves no disadvantage, according to the recent research published in wall street journals: The increase rate of depression and anxiety in some wealthy countries has been traced to digital addictions, our brains have been described to be getting hooked with neurotransmitter associated with pleasure derived from digital tools.

Just like there are benefits of playing video game, the hyperfocus that result from the pleasure of playing video games may be an hallmark of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptom in some people who are addicted to video game. One may be hooked to the video game to the extent that he may forget a cooking pot of rice on a cooking gas, let alone hear the shouting of their name.

Teen suicide may also be traced to addicted video game, nowadays glorified gambling games are invoke and technology has made it easy for both the organizers and the players to fully participate irrespective of distance, thus, the kids also get involve in it by gamble with their parents credit cards and if it turn otherwise as the case may be, they commit suicide and other atrocities.

Final Thought!

Digital technology has been widely adopted and still on an increase node yet digital balancing act must be adopted appropriately, check and balance should be done to ensure moderation in its usage, just like any other technology out there, digital technology is also a tool with a lot of benefits and consequences, it all depends on how we choose to use it that makes the difference.

Thanks to you all for visiting, upvoting and commenting on my posts over the years! I appreciate you all.

Let's continue to spread the good deeds as we are enjoying the rise in Hive price. Let's not forget to check and balance.


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We can account too many benefits of having digital technology. it also influences new avenues for crimes and mischiefs. !discovery 20

No matter the level of benefits drivable from something, moderation is the keyword. Anything not done in moderation will eventually become harmful. This is a lovely piece.

Exactly! Glad to see you around. Hope your system is back and better?

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