Deforestation: its causes, effects and possible solutions

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Is it true that human beings take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide during the course of breathing? Is it also true that the reverse is the case with plants, that is, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere during photosynthesis .

No doubt, the answer to the above two questions are true, thus, they both (human beings and plants) can exist mutually and benefit from each other since the two have at least one thing to give and one thing to take from each other, thereby they can exhibit symbiotic (a mutual relationship between two group of people) way of life.

I strongly believe that nature has been fair to us by creating us both in such a way that we can mutually benefit from each other, in fact it will always be good to see the two not far from each other but the reverse is the case nowadays, especially in the city where people are cutting down the trees in the forest without any replacement.


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Deforestation simply put as the act of removing trees in the forest permanently without replacing it with new ones. World Wildlife Fund once asserted that Forest covers almost 30% of the world' land space, but I doubt if their assertion remains the same till now. Roads, barracks, tall buildings all over the world are continuing replacing what once served as a source of resources for a very long period of time, it has provided foods and clean water, shelter, medicine, fuel, shoes and bags, purified air, scenic enjoyment due to its reduced noise level, spiritual replenishment, rests and recreation, and served as the only reliable job for millions of people in the past either directly or indirectly.

causes of Deforestation

Of course, deforestation is not a new thing and the reason which calls for it is not far fetched.

- Overpopulation


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Deforestation has been in existence for a very long time but at a very low pace compare to what we are witnessing now. No doubt, human race is increasing at geometric progressive rate and there is a need to expand the size of land it covers. For instance, the total population of the people on earth around 6 thousands years back was small, fewer than 50 million people and their growth rate was steadily growing at low pace, so the space to produce enough food despite their low size compare to now was much and larger than the land size we used to produce foods nowadays with our huge population and that automatically transform to high pressure on forest with no space for land to grow food.

The diagram shown above is from World Heath Organization, which estimated the total population of the world to have reached a whopping 9 billions by 2050. So the implication of this population will greatly affect our forest because the rate at which human being increase is partially directly if not directly to the rate at which forest diminish.

  • Industrialization of Forest

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There had been Technological shift: the shift can be traced to the shift from agriculture to technology. For some decades ago, industrialization has put a pressure on its forests, there had been and will still be human immigration, livestock, limestone quarries, wood-based industries,banks among other technological driven companies. This trend will not cease to continue as long as we expand our economy towards global industrialization.

  • Logging


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Logging is another undermine factor which leads to deforestation, especially illegal logging by the populace either to feed their souls, for habitat or something else without contacting the authority in charge before that action will be executed. They cut the trees in the forest without replacement but to satisfy their urgent needs. This will also not stop, unless the authority places strict regulation on the use and cut of the trees in the forest.

  • Agricultural Expansion


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The conversion of forests into agricultural plantation had also been in existence for many decade ago. Although the recent industrialization of the economy had dramatically reduced the numbers of people participating in agricultural work. However, many people still do and practice agriculture as their only source of income. The conversion of forests into agricultural plantations has been referred to as the only major cause of deforestation right from inception.

Way forward/ Solution and Conclusion

The importance of forest has highlighted in this post and many others else where can never be undermined, therefore urgent attention must be given to creating and seeking for one stop solution that will reduce and if possible put an end to the global deforestation in the world.

However considering the global growth rate, one may deny if there will be a complete solution to deforestation, for instance United Nations forecasts that the global population will not cease to grow, that there is a potential of reaching 10.8 billion by 2100 and according to World Heath Organization, which estimated the total population of the world to have reached a whopping 9 billions by 2050.

Considering many research evidence about the future of global population, global population will not cease to stop and expand in size and if that should happen, definitely deforestation will not cease to stop.

Below are the recommended solutions from my desk here, please let's try to add to it and share it till it gets to the right authority for thorough implementation of the ideas share in this post:

1. Government Regulations
Like I said under causes for Deforestation subtitled 'Logging' Government must rise up to his responsibility by making sure they bring to an end Illegal logging. This may be through strict following of the enacted rules and regulations on deforestation. Through this, Deforestation will be reduced. Also Reforestation and Afforestation of trees must strictly be part of their enacted rules and regulations on deforestation.

2. Creating more awareness
Both government and individuals, corporate organizations must involve in this, educating people on pros and cons of Deforestation. When people are fully aware, I'm sure all it takes to reduce consumption of Deforestation prone products will be taken care of.

3. Banning Clear Cutting of Forests
This has also been assumed to provide a practical solution to Deforestation. Although it can still be put under government regulations.

Thanks for reading through, Feel free to share your though as usual.



Deforestation became too rampant in our society today when we all prioritize industrial complex to foster economic growth. I do hope we can incorporate a better strategy to have both economic growth and environmental protection. The post is great. Thank you for sharing, @noble-noah!

Like I used to say, it is always nice to hear your view. Do you have any strategy/solution in mind aside those discussed here? @juecoree! Thanks for your contribution?

I think the government should be proactive with agri-tourism centered industry that focus on promoting the environment while taking profit. But we can't stop development, I think it is better to identify industrial and commercial zone rather than expanding anywhere. With that in mind, I think we can have a remedy to the growing concerns in deforestations.

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