Circumstances before pregnancy

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Greetings to you all and thanks to @gentleshaid for the encouragement to fully come back (hopefully) to this platform after a long vacation. I got inspired and motivation to come up with this write-up after I read his post on ‘women, Pregnancy,and Labour” from his blog recently, where he discussed briefly about what used to happen during pregnancy, including the activities in the labour room, synthetic oxytocine assisted labour and fallout of pregnancy and labour. Without mincing words, it was a nice write-up and I didn’t regret reading it.

It is a post every man must read, it will sanitize his orientation about what women used to pass through during the course of 9-months pregnancy.

At this point, I should not forget to congratulate you and your wife for the successful delivery. May almighty God makes him a path towards your paradise.

Having established the facts above, I will like to discuss circumstances before pregnancy.


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A lot of people easily forget the stress they passed through before opportune to get pregnant, especially those that have stayed for long in their marriage without getting pregnant. Those who were privileged to get pregnant within a year into their marriage may not truly understand the emotional stress, pain , depression and circumstance one may pass through before getting pregnant.

Sincerely, I felt depressed each time I come across those in such circumstances, no doubt it is not easy, especially the abuse that used to emanate from people around, either from husband's family, community, friends or even your own family (wife's family).

Where I come from, in south western part of Nigeria precisely, a lot of pressure used to be mounted on a woman in such situation, because of their believe that infertility is mostly common to the women, whereas both male and female can be a victim of it.

Let's quickly discuss some of the common issue that may cause delay in getting pregnancy.

A. Natural Circumstances

Research has proved the fact that some cases of infertility by both males and females can not be identified. However, some doctors used to classify them among genetic causes but it is just nature. We must know that not all males and females conjugation will lead to pregnancy and that is why when such couple separate and try someone else, one or both male and female infertility might seems to disappear. It has happened many times.

B. Low sperm count

this happens when a man is not having enough sperm in his semen that is strong enough to fertile a woman. However, the advancement in health and technology has produced drugs that can change the cause and thereby fertile the woman. It is always prescribed to those in such condition to be taking. Drugs like Clomid, in fact, there are a number of treatment options for low sperm count individuals in order to increase his chances of getting woman pregnant and restore his body back to normal.

C. untreated chlamydia or gonorrhea

chlamydia or gonorrhea if not treated on time poses a very serious health challenges,fallopian tubes and ovaries can be infected and this may can be a source of getting pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID, if infected may lead to the cause of serious damage to the female’s reproductive organs and can lead to infertility.

D. Varicoceles.

This is refereed to as a ravel of annoying varicose veins in the scrotum, according to research, it used to lead to an increase in temperature within the scrotum, in fact, some researchers believe it to be the most common cause of infertility in men. it used to generate heat by the condition which can leave a negative effect on sperm production thereby leading to infertility in male.

E. poor sperm motility

poor sperm motility happens when sperm fails to swim well enough and in such a way that it will reach an egg. Such a case also leads to infertility in men.

F. Distance barrier among the couple

This happens most times when the couples are living separately and do not have enough chance to enjoying one and other. the effect of not meeting with each other may also results to non-early pregnancy.

Having discussed some of the infertility in both men and women which may results into issues due to non-early pregnancy, it must be noted that according to research the couple must stay together for a minimum period of one year to witness various weather conditions before claiming or bothering themselves with infertility issue. However, medical checkup must start immediately after one year into their marriage.

Thanks for reading through and I do hope you will motivate me to come back fully and better. Indeed we all need motivation and encouragement to do well in life.


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Welcome back. I really hope this will spurn you to become active going forward. Delay in getting pregnant by newly married couple is quite common nowadays and patience is required from both parties. Unfortunately, the society of ours keep piling pressure on young couples about pregnancy and kids. However, those who understand biology quite well would not be bothered. It's just a matter of time. Thanks for such an enlightening article.

Thanks to you too sir, for the encouragement! I also hope to stay active like never before, because I've missed the fun of writing, reading and commenting and relating with like minds here on this platform. Regards!

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