Benefits of Walking you should not ignore

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If you have been following me recently, you will easily recall what I discussed in my last blog about how my late father used to sleep while switching his light off which triggered my write-up on Science behind sleeping with light off.

Today, the remembrance of how he used to walk in such a way that I always look at him ahead irrespective of how fast I tried triggered my research on the benefits of walking. My father is the type that used to walk fast, especially when he walks alone. However, he later had issue with his legs, especially his right leg before he later died few years after.

My research over the years has revealed the fact that many people do not like walking, starting from today's youth both males and females, the pregnant women and the riches. However, the benefits of walking for at least 30 minutes a day can never be overlooked. A number of research has revealed the benefits of walking but there still a need to delve into these benefits in order to create more awareness, especially among today's youth.

However, most people who are from humble background usually have no problem with walking for long period of time, this may be due to their background which has helped them to get used and adapt to it as well.


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Let's discuss some of the benefits of walking for at least 30 minutes a day

1. It helps to improve immune system

The widespread of covid-19 pandemic has made almost everyone to get familiar with the word "immune system" research has revealed the fact that anyone with strong immune system will likely have a chance to wave covid-19 pandemic, as such most people are trying in one way or the other to build their immune system since exercise has been referred to be one of the best way to build one's immune system and walking is one the best exercise one can engage in.

2. Improve quality of sleep

Just like I discussed in my last blog, one of the best way to have a sound sleep is to engage in vigorous exercise, especially walking for a certain period of time. It helps a lot, It has been confirmed by many researchers, like Dr. Carlson who asserted in his research that vigorous exercise usually boost the effect metalonin hormones in the body, the metalonin hormones is responsible for natural sleep.

3. It improves quality of life

The quality of life does not only depend on the number of years but the quality of life one gets to enjoy, like stable mental and emotional functioning, quality sex life which can increase one's productivity, Sharpens wits, correct mobility and vitality e.t.c

4. It helps to prevent obesity

Research study in the field of Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise has revealed that people who are usually found of increasing their pace when running usually burn more calories than others. In relation to this finding is that runners usually weight less than the walkers which can directly be deduced that the more you walk or run, the more fat you burn out of the body. This is a natural remedy which can be enjoying to treat accumulated fat.

5. It helps in reducing the risk of cancer

No doubt, cancer is common nowadays, especially breast cancer among our women. In fact it has been tagged as the America's second leading killer. Walking which is a form of exercise put all parts of the body into action, ensuring smooth running of blood thereby making tissue to become more active and sensitive to insulin. The heart muscle also becomes more stronger with exercise. Although, research has revealed that it can not provide protection against a number of cancers.

6 It helps to reduce chances of Diabetes

Diabetes or blood sugar is still another trending issue nowadays. Most people who have engaged themselves in exercise has revealed the fact that there is always a decrement in the level of blood sugar after they undergo exercise or walking compare to their blood sugar level before the exercise. There a number of published studies in the public domain and most revealed that there are a number of benefits of walking. However the effect of walking is insignificant to the diabetes, unless one takes enough walking.

7. It helps to increase the body access to vitamin D

No doubt Vitamin D is an important nutrient needed by the body for many vital processes, processes such as building, maintenance and repairing are the functions of Vitamin D. Sun has been referred to as the best sources of getting Vitamin D, so exercising or walking through the sun for few minutes will definitely enrich one with vitamin D.

The above are some of the benefits of walking you should not ignore,

Thanks for reading through!


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You're spots on, walking can also be a very good meditation session. also, if you are blessed to have the luxury of being in a rural area, nature influences your walk sessions and you'd certainly feel fulfilled

Of course and that's called "enjoyment gallery". Glad to see you here bro!

I agree to all what was said in this post. Walking is beneficial to everyone. I think the simplest form of exercise we can do is walk around. It does not need a lot of equipment to do so.

Exactly @juecoree. I like that point 'It does not require a lot of equipment and money to do so'. Thanks for your contribution!

I am really happy to read your posts. They deal with most significant aspects of life. Our changing lifestyle is making our sleep irregular and we are really heading towards the risk of cancer and diabetes in almost every case. I am sure if we walk some of the risks can be addressed

Exactly sir, I'm perturbed with everyday increase in cancer and diabetes. I'm glad to see you here as usual!

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