Quantum physics contained in a microwave oven

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Wave simulation inside a microwave oven


As important data we have the Sun as the largest star in the solar system, which is a giant thermonuclear reactor, which causes the thermonuclear reactions of the Sun's nucleus, which allow the interaction of electromagnetic waves and charged particles present in matter. Among these phenomena are for example visible light, radiated heat, radio waves or certain types of radioactivity, what I want to share is the following this is funny because its nucleus is where half of its mass is found, the which is exposed to a temperature of approximately 15 million, managing to make possible thermonuclear reactions from which derive the energy of the star.

This information is thanks to the studies made towards the Sun, it allows us to know more about the interaction of electromagnetic waves and charged particles present in matter, to the point that this kind of wave can be made artificially, you might wonder why the title : Quantum physics contained in a microwave oven is also part of science, since it is a branch of physics that deals with physical phenomena, at nanoscopic scales, where the action is of the order of the Planck constant, not we see but we know that they occur in that quantum world, since the microwave is contained in this world, it is because this type of wave is electromagnetic waves; As a capacity or intensity of 300 MHz and 30 GHz, you can also add that they can be conceived in several ways, generally divided into two categories by means of solid state devices and devices based on vacuum tubes. Besides, I added the part of the previous publication for the following contribution:

Electromagnetism is the property that some bodies or matter have where they play the role of magnets, which can attract particles, iron constituting matter and other metallic minerals, but it is appropriate to share the following contribution consulted in the book of "Remote sensing in monitoring natural phenomena. " ... Joaquín Meliá Miralles, page 51 / 52- 1991.

Energy flows. The description of the energy transport, Q in the form of an electromagnetic wave and its interactions with the environment, has some of its basic foundations in the principles of energy conservation, in figure 1.1 the different fluxes φ, of electromagnetic radiation, are schematized, according to the geometry determined by the Sun and the sensor, considered that the system under study is made up of components: the Sun, the atmosphere and the ground. These last two components are both solar and radiation emitters depending on their temperature, they are both solar and radiation emitters depending on temperature.


φ0 represents the incident flow at the roof of the atmosphere.

φr corresponds to the flows returned to space, due to the dispersion process in the atmosphere.

φa are the flows absorbed by the atmosphere itself and the soil.

φT indicates the flow emitted by the soil and the atmosphere.

φt is the direct solar flux transmitted by the atmosphere.

φ0 = φa + φr + φt

Information consulted from the book "Remote sensing in the monitoring of natural phenomena". ... Joaquín Meliá Miralles, 1991.

It is very opportune to inform or comment in an educational way on the following companions, because quantum physics is governed by the scientific method, thanks to Hertz reformulated Maxwell's equations to take into account the new discovery, where he experimentally demonstrated that electromagnetic waves can travel through open air and vacuum, apart it served as the basis for another theories where their studies focus on how they affect small particles, on a larger scale level. Wavelength associated with particles, in them it shows us that all the particles that had a quantity of movement, which at the same time had a certain wavelength associated with it, is de Broglie's hypothesis, the basis of quantum mechanics.

λ = h / p, h is the Planck constant, p is the momentum of the particle.


A wave caused by the vibrations of atoms arranged at regular distances can be described by different wavelengths.

To add more information in this example of the microwave for domestic use, it gives us that the existence and characteristics of energy radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves, which are derived from Maxwell's fundamental equations, served as the basis for study the behavior of permittivity and permeability of where the wave propagates.


Electromagnetic waves in non-conductive media, a plane wave is a wave whose amplitude is the same at any point on a plane perpendicular to a specific direction, with a pulsation ω, k is the so-called propagation vector, where u is a unit vector in the propagation direction, r is the distance to the origin in this direction and B is the result of a vector product, then it is perpendicular to both E and ak, that is, a wave of constant amplitude equal to the amplitude in the origin E0. Furthermore, the relationship between the electric field and the magnetic field is constant at all times, information consulted on Electromagnetic Interferences in Electronic Systems - Page 390, Josep Balcells - 2005.

We are already clear about microwaves, that these are magnetic waves and have a frequency, such as the movement of the wave at the particle level, all this occurs inside the microwave oven, creating this wave artificially, thanks to a high voltage capacitor connected to the magnetron and also to the transformer by means of a diode to the chassis, makes the magnetron act as a controller, because it transforms that high voltage into microwave radiation, in which it ultimately becomes a type dielectric heating energy. At the moment that you mention them about the wavelength associated with particles, it shows us that all the particles that had a quantity of movement, because it is also evident when this travels its length in its frequency collides with the particles contained in the furnace microwave, where it affects its charge at the molecular level contained in matter.

Nuclear effect in radio frequency spectroscopy / Orientation and precession of nuclear magnetic moments:
All atoms with a permanent magnetic moment in a free state are oriented in a uniform magnetic field; the allowed orientations are specified by the quantum mechanical values ​​of the magnetic quantum number ml, which is the component of the total angular momentum along the direction of said magnetic field. Nuclear Physics- Page 77 W. E. Burcham - 1974.


NPN Transistor Diagram

The domestic microwave technology is based on MMIC and MIC (Microwave Integrated Circuits) technology, where terminals are present as a solid-state electronic device consisting of two PN junctions, its function is to allow current to increase and voltage to decrease. , at the same time it controls the passage of current, it is also present in the field effect transistor, this type of transistor uses the electric field, to control the shape of the conductivity of a channel that carries a single type of charge, so unipolar.

[1] - "Remote sensing in the monitoring of natural phenomena". ... Joaquín Meliá Miralles, page 51 / 52- 1991.

[2] -Electromagnetic interference in electronic systems - Page 390, Josep Balcells - 2005.

[3] - Nuclear Physics- Page 77 W. E. Burcham - 1974.

[4] -Microwave Engineering: Experimental Techniques written by José Miguel Miranda Pantoja.



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