What happens to body fat when we lose weight.

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What happens to body fat when we lose weight.


We colloquially call this fat burning and if we ask most people they will answer us that fat is converted into energy or converted into heat or even to see answers such as that fat is eliminated by fecal matter or even that can be turned into muscle, this is not what actually happens in our body.

We eliminate fat by breathing, yes, although it sounds strange to you, we exhale the fat and this is important because I have to understand how my body gets rid of excess fat because if I understand it I can favor that mechanism, when we have fat accumulated in our body We have it in the form of triglycerides in general, these triglycerides are mainly made of hydrogen and carbon oxygen atoms and when we oxidize fats in order to break them down and use them we need oxygen, that is why this process is called oxidation and you will surely know that it is not always good because it can generate free radicals and so on.


Follow me in this example of basic mathematics to oxidize 20 pounds of fat, more or less 10 kilos of fat, we need to inhale approximately 64 pounds of oxygen, more or less about 30 kilos, those 86 pounds that you have in total, between what you inhale and The fat you had, you have to get out of your body in some way and of course this happens in steps, and 61 pounds or the vast majority, three-quarters of the total mass that you have to get rid of that was burned and I transform it, you are going to eliminate it in the form of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is the gas that you exhale, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, while the remaining quarter in terms of mass that you have to eliminate you eliminate in the form of water, through sweat, through urine, or even in your stool.


On a normal day with very little physical activity, a day that might be typical for someone who works an office job, you will exhale during your normal breaths a third of a pound of carbon, if you add to exercise that day you will obviously accelerate the speed of the take off that carbon on top, this is obviously positive because it means losing weight releasing that excessive amount, 20% faster with this account I would say to myself well in 66 days it could get rid of the 22 pounds that I had of weight , the 10 kilos of fat that I had by weight, but the problem is that you also eat and eat carbohydrates that are putting new carbon in your body, which completely change the equation for something precisely the foods that make us gain weight the most are They call carbohydrates exactly the same substances that I have to get rid of when I am losing fat.


The idea of ​​this publication is not that it will make you breathe a lot, thinking that simply because of that you will lose weight more quickly, but is to make you understand how the processes in your body really work, first so that you avoid any error in your diet that you go to do in the long term and second so that you understand why some foods harm us more in our weight than others, obviously in the case of carbohydrates because just what your body has to get rid of to lose fat and that on top of that stimulates insulin and prevents you from losing these stored cells that used to have your grace that make you more prone later to gain weight and above all that you understand some factors that you do not consider can harm you a lot, everyone thinks about food when they want lose weight, but people don't usually consider inflammation for the reasons I mentioned in the previous post , as a mechanism that prevents you from losing weight, therefore lowers inflammation in your body following an anti-inflammatory diet on the one hand or if you can do even purifications of your body, and if you can not do even that, at least take supplements that help reduce inflammation such as curcumin or omega 3 in high doses and obviously avoid high insulin levels that are consequences of eating foods with a high glycemic index that are all the foods that you already know are bad and that are rich in sugars in the first instance, therefore apply all this to be healthier and if you liked the publication, give me your support and follow me.

I encourage you to go to the previous posts to inform you of other topics and have a better view of everything explained.


I love the simple explanation of how the body gets rid of fat when it loses weight. Would you mind adding a couple of references as an addendum to this article? Some of your readers might want to check out the accuracy of some of the claims you made in the article.


Yes, of course, I normally do; I did not do it because the statements mentioned are very general and can be found in specific books or related to the subject; but you have to be careful because some texts are obsolete because they contain false claims such as that fat is eliminated in the fecal matter among others.
If you mean the amount of oxygen needed to "burn" or oxidize the amount of fat, it's a simple average stoichiometer ratio.
Thanks for reading and supporting me. Regards.

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