Symptoms of heavy metal contamination in your body.

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Symptoms of heavy metal contamination in your body.


If there is toxicity that ruins our quality of life and goes absolutely unnoticed and gives us a wide variety of symptoms from body aches to migraines and neurological symptoms, these are undoubtedly heavy metals, so in this publication we are going to see what metals are heavy, where they are, what symptoms they can give you and obviously how to eliminate them from your body.

Some of the typical symptoms of heavy metal contamination are hormonal alterations, such as low levels of testosterone in both men and women, alteration of the sleep cycle and even alterations in mood, you can also have mild illnesses very frequently mental fog inability to focus even more tendency to dementia among many other types of symptoms, obviously someone can tell me look, these are the super frequent symptoms that can occur for many causes, heavy metals are not the only cause of the vast majority of these symptoms, and it is indeed So, but heavy metal contamination is one of the causes that we simply don't consider because most of us don't know they exist or don't understand the short- and long-term implications they have for your health.


Because all this happens with the presence of heavy metals; Because the heavy metals, several of them that we are going to see, prevent the production of energy in your cells, normally your cells use an energy source called ATP, the heavy metals bind to the enzymes they produce that allow the cells to produce ATP and They prevent a part of this process called the krebs cycle that obviously leads to a decrease in the amount of energy that our cells can produce effectively, for example, if you do not have this process blocked and your energy production works correctly for each molecule of sugar that you consume and it enters your cells you will produce 36 of these ATP molecules that will give you energy, while if you have blocked this process, both due to lack of oxygen, heavy metals or any other possibility that can to generate this, you are going to produce 2 (two) energy molecules is showing an energy difference of more than 18 times, then the energy decrease in t your cells will not only make you have less energy in your day to day, but it will make you age faster and in many processes of your cells work worse, unfortunately it is not that the consequence of this is going to just be you go of less energy, I wish it were that easy.


Now what happens to the hormones in your body against the accumulation of heavy metals; Well, first of all, as I mentioned, you are going to have a decrease in testosterone values ​​and an exaggeration of the effects of estrogens in both men and women, this has nothing to do with a distinction between the sexes, in fact heavy metals affect your reproductive capacity in many ways, both genetic and epigenetic, that is, above genes, for example, mercury, which is a heavy metal, can bind to estrogen receptors, imitating the processes that would occur in your body if you had an excess of estrogens and It can even give you symptoms by other perimenopausal mechanisms, remember that many substances external to your body can act in a similar way to our hormones and generally by increasing estrogens and reducing other hormones such as progesterone or testosterone.


Understanding these symptoms, the question one asks is where do heavy metals come from and how do they enter our body, since obviously all these symptoms happen because these heavy metals are not in our body in the first place, well we have many sources such as dental amalgams that are practically not used today, those that are rich in mercury, smoke that naturally contain levels of several heavy metals that obviously depend on the industry, on the production that exists in the area where you live, pesticides and herbicides that Their chemical constitution is usually rich in arsenic, many poor quality toys are also rich in heavy metals, including our car keys, paints that used to be rich in lead, fortunately many are already banned and even people who work metals such as jewelry for For example, they want contamination by some heavy metals like beryllium arsenic or cadmium.


On the other hand we have it origins of simpler heavy metals, such as being a passive smoker or many cosmetics rich in aluminum or some other heavy metals, food stored in metal containers, proteins and very low quality supplements that today the vast majority fortunately already have. overcome the problem of heavy metal contamination in a supplement so do not panic and obviously large fish such as tuna or dolphin, if unfortunately the dolphin is eaten, since the larger the area of ​​the house an animal and the larger is its size, the greater the amount of mercury that it will absorb from having consumed smaller fish that accumulate from its body and that obviously, as much as humans, do not have any mechanism for eliminating these metals and the higher In the food chain the animal is more likely to accumulate mercury and this happens especially in fish rich in fat, because the vast majority Heavy metals accumulate in tissues richer in fat, this type of mercury from the sea is called methylmercury and there are other sources of mercury that can also enter our body such as methylmercury, which is also known as thimerosal.

In the last place we have the contamination of water bodies that unfortunately is increasingly frequent and that causes heavy metals to reach our body through plants, so on the one hand we have many sources of heavy metals and on the other hand we have very broad symptoms .

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