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RE: Let's understand the mechanism of vomiting

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Emesis is quite a disturbing to experience and the effects that comes with it a lot of times make situations or conditions worse as patients become dehydrated and loss energy as well as the food they may have consumed requiring extra efforts to be put in to get things down on track again as well as getting system's fluid balance in order.

You have really done a great deal of work on this writeup and i must commend your hard work and dedication, thanks for educating us once again, it's always a pleasure


Emesis is a problem when it becomes recurrent, I have seen people with severe dehydration due to emesis, it is a very complex situation, it really is.

But in this case it has a solution, however, it is usually a very difficult situation for the person who suffers from it, and requires several days to stabilize. Thank you very much for your comment.

Thank you too, I learn a lot everyday from you, it’s such a privilege