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RE: What happens in our brain when we sleep?

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So i just finished writing my article on sleep and the eye and interestingly enough once i posted i saw your article up there talking about sleep too, and i am wondering, perhaps we are in tune or something, haha.

A lot of times people take sleep for granted and do not fully understand how much we gain from getting adequate and how much the body really needs it, i am optimistic that through this writeup many would come to take their sleeping pattern serious and ensure that they are well rested always.

Thanks for sharing, it was a great read


Wow, I see, I'm going to read your post right now, coincidence stuff, it's actually all very casual.
Thanks for comment.
Resting is a necessity, it is something that is important so that we can do all our tasks properly, and without causing damage to our body, at least not due to tiredness.