Get Enough Rest, Your Eye Needs It

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Scientists believe that should one have difficulties sleeping, thus not being able to sleep after all for days, the person would go through physical and mental discomfort, level of pain, and insanity and eventually may wish to die or end up harming themselves because it would become unbearable.

Not that this has been tested out though, well if it has I do not know but it does beg the question, how important is sleep to the body, do we really need to rest at all or we can just keep going. What happens if we do not press the brake every now and then and give the body that phase to recuperate?


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Then there is the issue of water, man is made up of 60% of water, right? Well, this is what scientists say, so then I guess it becomes pertinent that we keep that up by supplying the body with adequate so that it gets replenished as it is used up. But then it begs the question again: what happens if we do not get enough water or stay hydrated.

Well, today I want to share my thoughts on this subject matter with regards to the eye, I do hope that both you and I learn a thing or two or that it refreshes our memories about this we may have read or may already know about.

Rest and the Eye

Difficulties getting enough rest or sleep is an issue that is quite common among geriatrics. For those who may not be in active service and spend the majority of their time at home, the body does not do enough to want to rest or sleep so much when night comes and so most of them either has difficulties sleeping or would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep again.

For the elderly, most of them suffer from dry eye which is purely due to aging and so with apnea added, well it only becomes a matter of time before things start to flare up, but in the youth, this is quite easy to catch because staying up most often is deliberate, either to binge watch a movie or outing with friends partying.


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Naturally, just like any part of the body needs to rest and regain lost energy during the day so does the eye needs its rest, when we fail to get that rest, our tear production now gets affected and then we start to experience symptoms of dryness on the eye which mostly comes in the form of burning sensation. If this discomfort is not enough to get you to fold the laptop or turn off the tv or put your fon away and sleep then the body will continue to give you more signs.

Next would be the eye aching. This is mostly a referred pain as the cardiac output increases resulting in acute hypertension which is followed by headaches which then cause the eye to ache because the blood supply from the hypertension also goes to the eye and the fact the eye is a part of the brain or the head. Most often getting some rest fixes the issue quickly however if it has become a habit for you then you may need tear supplementation as well as skin care because soon you would experience dark circles around the eye, and it only gets worse as you continue to deprive yourself of enough rest.

Your intraocular pressure may also likely go up which could result in acute situations of ocular hypertension, if this becomes consistent and chronic you could end up exposing yourself to damage to the optic nerve similar to how things go down in the cases of glaucoma. You could also experience acute cases of conjunctivitis where the eyes become reddened as the vessels get engorged with blood partly due to increased cardiac output and partly due to the eye feeling generally stressed. So when it comes to the eye, getting enough rest can't be overemphasized.


I decided to share this because lately, I have been a victim of inadequate rest due to my workload increasing in and out of the office, even as I sit down to right this, I am experiencing some of these symptoms, and in know where it stems from but it's been a while we learned and so I had to share this experience and knowledge with you.


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I am optimistic that now may be able to tell if you are depriving yourself of good rest and these things are happening to you. I do hope we all learn from this and make enough time for ourselves. Many thanks to you for reading today's write-up, I do hope you have a blissful weekend, chill but don't freeze. Cheers!

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The connection you made between chronic sleep deprivation and the risk of increased intraocular pressure, potentially leading to ocular hypertension and optic nerve damage is a serious one and is enough reason to get a proper rest.

Indeed, i am glad you could easily connect the dots, i feel proud because it means i did somewhat of a good job with my explanation and i really do appreciate your time and for reading. Thanks a lot

Rest is very useful to every human.

It is indeed Sir

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