Blueblock Lenses and Computer Vision Syndrome

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Greetings to all and sundry,

It is a beautiful day today and a wonderful weekend that has been, i am so thrilled and excited because the weekend was my elder sister's wedding which got me fully occupied which is why i haven't been able to share my daily writeups with you but the pressure has died down now and as usual we are here to learn once again.


Before i begin though, i do hope you are doing amazing and having a wonderful time. Today we are coming to look at one of the popular lenses that are out there in our contemporary society in terms of eye care and why it may be recommended by your optometrist. I do hope you enjoy the read and that you have a wonderful time doing it.


Our modern world today is basically ruled by tech tools, smart interfaces are the new-ish and almost every tech tool you come across today has one. From the simple bluetooth that may be in your car or ear to the complexity of phones which does more than one could have ever imagined some years back, the all make life easier and so much simpler.


But then there is just a tiny little downside to our eyes which scientists were able to uncover through research and this tiny downside is something that has come to be known as the blue wavelength effect on the eye. Medically speaking we may simply be talking about the condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome but our discussion today is to see how these two relate and why we ought to do the needful.

Blueblock Lenses and CVS

And so as i was saying our modern world is ruled by smart interface and so whether you may have profession that keeps you behind the laptop or computer screen or even the tv or other tech gadgets with screens for hours or you just use your fon from time to time we are all exposed to what we call the bluelight or bluewavelength.

This blue light is emitted from the interface or screens of our tech gadgets and they are able to penetrate into the eye eluding the various protective mechanism that the eye has put in place to protect itself from any harmful radiations including UV from getting into the eye.

Now for those that spend most of the hours of the day behind screen their effect compounds quicker and they tend to experience what we can computer vision syndrome earlier than those who may spend less time. Nonetheless, the effects compounds for all until we all start feeling its symptoms as the days goes by.

Just as the name goes, the syndrome doesn't have specificity that we can generalize for everyone because we tend to experience it in different ways however some of the common ones that we may or may not relate is the dry eye symptoms which include burning sensations for which the severity may depend perhaps on the expose time. Another of the common symptoms include tearing in copious amounts, for such individuals it becomes even difficult for them to use their gadgets again.


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They may report to the clinic that when they use their machines or gadgets their eyes become red and starts to pain or ache, for some this may be quite severe, for others it may be a dull pain, they may add that the screen now tends to blur out from time to time and they have to take lots of break when they are working with their laptops or whichever tech tool they may be involved with.

Now the simple way out for these individuals at that very moment may require medication to treat the symptoms depending on the severity but then your Optometrist may recommend that you get what we call the blueblock or bluefiltering lenses for your protection from blue-light. These would give you a permanent solution and ensure that you eyes are safe.

How they work is quite simple, they simply block all the blue light coming from the screens from getting into the eye, much like how UV 100% blocks all ultraviolet rays from entering the eye. They also come with an added feature of been anti-reflective which makes it so much easier to work with these screens, preventing glare in addition.

In the end if you have refractive error you not only get to see but also protect your eyes from damage and well as making night vision better with antireflective coating and protection from tech tools. What more could one ask for and you only need an optometric appointment and all these features could be yours to own.


And so do well to protect yourself from blue light from tech tools, whether you spend lots of hours or some few hours it is important that you are protected. Having a comprehensive eye examination and a good chat with your Optometrist would help you understand the needs of your eye best so you could do what is right.


Don't wait till you start experiencing these symptoms before you seek out a solution, prevention is always better that treatment, your eyes are precious, love them and care for them. I do look forward to your next eye appointment, feel free to ask any question and have a wonderful time. Ciao

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I hope you had a good weekend and that your sister is very happy in her marriage.

"Computer Vision Syndrome"

I will investigate about it, it is the first time that I read this syndrome, but it is logical that new diseases or syndromes arise with new technologies.

I understand that glasses will be a great tool that brings together not only the action of improving our vision if there are some refractive errors, but also the possibility of avoiding complications due to the effect of this blue light from screens.
Interesting and good support with this information.

Greetings Sir,

It was a great weekend indeed full of excitement, thank you for reading and i would certainly extend the greetings to her.

I do hope you have an interesting reading about computer vision syndrome, i am always available for any questions you may have

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My younger brother works as a Phone engineer. He has been suffering from itchy eyes lately and has sought help in a nearby teaching hospital. I was thinking he would be asked to get blue light-blocking glasses but only drugs have been prescribed so far. What do you think? Can he just go ahead to get a good pair of glasses?

Does he have any other symptoms in addition to the itchiness? He could still go in for the blue-block lenses however it would have to be taken from the hospital to ensure that the right thing is given.

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