Allergic Conjunctivitis

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Greetings to all and sundry,

I hope we are all doing amazing and having a blessed week so far, well my end has been blissful enough full of healthcare as it is my routine and some screening programs. So far we have been having some daily discussions about our ocular health and I would like to continue that today too.


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For today I would be sharing with you what I know about one of the most common conditions to ever be presented at the eye clinic or the hospital with regards to the eye all across the globe. I hope you enjoy the read and learn a thing or two from what I have to share today.


Allergies are a great headache for a lot of us and can really be a disturbing thing to experience. It is definitely not one to joke with and is one of the situations or conditions that do not have a permanent solution except avoidance, like abstinence from sex is the best solution to getting pregnant or contracting an STI.

In medicine, allergies have gotten scientists to come up with various drugs as individuals keep reacting to certain elements and drug components as they come out. The fact that these individuals may react to penicillin doesn't mean that they shouldn't be treated when they fall sick, so the evolution of antibiotics had to come about.


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Allergies are basically things that our bodies do not like and thus tend to react to it in a way that is more or less a fight against an intruder. It is like a rebel group finding their way into a military camp and been spotted, the reaction is aggressive like a battle until they are captured and rooted out. These substances that our bodies do not like and thus regard as potentially harmful foreign bodies that need to be dealt with are called allergens.

Let me hasten to add that these substances may not necessarily be harmful however the system of the individual may perceive them as such and go into hyper mode. Allergic reactions could be severe and can kill you if care is not taken. For those who react aggressively to certain allergens, it becomes very pertinent that they stay away and avoid them by any means necessary and possibly have adrenaline with them as part of their safe package so they do not lose their lives to an unprecedented encounter.

During the process of this reaction chemicals are release into the system which act similar to an inflammatory process, thus vessels may become engorged and cardiac output may increase. This is what happens with lots of the organs in our system and it is the same with the eye.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

So in allergic conjunctivitis patients normally present with the symptom of itching and this is as a result of the chemicals that are release when we encounter these allergens discussed in the previous chapter. When this happens the vessels in and around the eye gets engorged with blood which then give the red appearance of the eye.

This is worsened by our rubbing act when we tend to feel the itchy sensation. The transparent layer over the white part of the eye known as conjunctiva usually tend to get inflamed hence the name conjunctivitis. This condition is so much common because almost every single one of us has some form of reaction to substances in the atmosphere.


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In the western and eastern worlds it is mostly pollen from plans and flowers whereas in the tropics it is mostly sand or dust in the atmosphere. Allergic conjunctivitis is best treated with antihistamine eye drops for immediate release however for patients who may have yet to identify their allergens it becomes pertinent that mast cell stabilizers are given after the immediate relief with antihistamine to help keep things stable.

In the absence of antihistamine, steroids may be administered as they operate via the same pathway in blocking the histamine release which is basically responsible for the reaction that comes with allergic reactions. These are best given in topical form however in severe cases it would be best to add systemic drugs as they tend to have a fast effectivity.

Cold compress or cold water may help you in emergency situations in the absence of drugs or immediate health care however it should never be a replacement for seeking professional consultation with your Optometrist.


If you believe you have or is suffering from allergic conjunctivitis it would be best to see you Optometrist as soon as possible for proper care and management as the condition could be very discomforting and even painful. The best you can do for yourself in addition to what your Doctor can do for you is to be vigilante to help identify your allergens so you could avoid them.


This is the best form of treatment or management as i already stated at the beginning of this discussion. As usual let me remind you that your ocular health should not be taken lightly as damage to your sight are usually irreversible. Your sight is your window to the beauty of this world, take better care of it. Feel free to ask any questions or clarification in the comment section below. Thanks for your time and for reading and i wish you a wonderful time.

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The eyes are one of the so much beloved and cherished sense organs. Anything affecting the eyes should always be taken very seriously. Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge on this vital topic. It is indeed very helpful.

Thank you too for your time and for reading, it is very much appreciated

Someone once said, to have an idea of what blindness looks like, try walking in the dark or with your eyes closed for a long period of time. This is to say that prevention is better than cure.

Thanks for the read.

The person couldn’t have said it any better, prevention is always better than cure and early diagnosis tend to save sight, thanks for reading

allergic conjunctivitis is very common in air polluted cities


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