Addressing Glaucoma Myths

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Greetings to all and sundry,

It is another beautiful day today, the weekend has been exceptional, I had a great time with friends planning and preparing for @anaman's wedding which comes off on the 17th and 18th of March, 2023 and I happen to be amongst the groomsmen and so I am pretty excited. It is my first time being asked to serve in such a capacity I hope I execute my duties well.


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I'd definitely be looking forward to the next weekend starting from tomorrow, but then I would wanna know, how was your weekend? Did you have fun? Are any special activities with the family and friends? Well, I do hope all is well with you though, and that things are going great. As we begin the glaucoma awareness week celebration, I would like to use this opportunity to speak on a few myths and hopefully put things right in our heads for the good of ourselves and our loved ones.


In our previous post, we learn some interesting facts about glaucoma before then we came to learn about what glaucoma is, the fact that it is a blinding condition, the fact that glaucoma presents no sign whatsoever because of which it was nicknamed the silent thief of sight. We also learned about how IOP which may be integral to the management protocol doesn't define glaucoma because we have low tension glaucoma and there's also ocular hypertension.

Then we also looked at how trauma to the eye can dislocate our intraocular lens and block the flow of the aqueous humor resulting in a build-up of pressure which could inevitably begin a rapid cell death process resulting in glaucoma. Over the years, patients have come to have ideologies about the glaucoma condition, which we get to know or hear off sometimes when they come in for care or consultation.


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And so for today I would be highlighting on some of these things that come up and why that thought ought to be discarded and put right because when we talk about glaucoma we are talking about vision loss. I do hope you enjoy the read and you learn a thing or two though, also let me quickly remind us that whiles we have this awareness week, lots of eyecare facilities would be organizing free eye screening exercises and so you should do well to take advantage and get yourself checked up.

The Myths

  • Glaucoma is Curable

It is very much important that we know and understand that glaucoma is not curable, at least for now the answer is that there is no cure, we are optimistic about the future though something may come up. Scientists are working along the clock to find biomarkers and parameters that could be looked at to find early detection protocols so we could avoid damages altogether and perhaps even cure the condition.

But until then, what you need to know is that glaucomatous damages are not even reversible, vision loss is vision gone and so if you play with your treatment play and refuse your review dates thinking the blurriness you are experiencing would get better once you are cured, I am sorry, there is no cure coming and optic nerve damage due to glaucoma is permanent.


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  • Glaucoma is a Geriatric Condition

Glaucoma is not a geriatric condition, it is not a condition that affects the elderly. As a matter of fact, you can even have your child born today with glaucoma, infants can have glaucoma, toddlers, kids, teenagers, young adults all through to the octogenarian, etc, glaucoma doesn't have a time frame or age clause. Everyone, regardless of age, status, affiliation, wealth, etc., could have these conditions.

This goes to emphasize how important these comprehensive eye examinations are as well as the free screening programs that will be done during this period. Take advantage of the awareness program and check your eyes, do not assume that you are young and so you are free, this is not covid and even covid still ended getting youngsters alike, glaucoma is real, is powerful, it doesn't give any warning, just steals your sight away and the only way to know is to visit your Optometrist today.


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  • Doc, I get headaches and eye pains I think I have glaucoma

I have said this before even in my previous writeup and so I would have to be literate to emphasize how this works well, Glaucoma as we know it doesn't give any warning signs. You will not have any pains nor will your eyes feel itching or have issues with light (photophobia). You will continue to see things quite well and will not even notice that your peripheral vision is declining until those advanced stages when you now walk and bump into objects or fall.

At those points in time vision loss is so significant and most often in the advanced stages, the vision would be quite bad or blurry and you may be coming in to see why this I happening. This would, unfortunately, be the wrong time and your Optometrist is likely to tell you most of your vision is gone and that not even glasses can solve the issue at that point. So do not wait to experience something before you check your eyes today, it may be today or late tomorrow.


Glasses will not make things better for you as a glaucoma patient, and neither will any capsules or tablets, why? Because glaucoma has no cure and visual loss is irreversible. The best way to go when it comes to this condition is early diagnosis and the only way we can diagnose is to get your eyes checked.


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It is better safe than sorry, it is better late than never, spread the word, tell a loved one about the glaucoma condition today, and save a life, remember, your sight is your window to the beautiful scenery of this world, losing it could darken your world and we do not want that. Let's do this together it is the only way we can save sight. And so I wish you a wonderful week full of bliss, stay safe, and thanks for your time and for reading.

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"It is very much important that we know and understand that glaucoma is not curable, at least for now the answer is that there is no cure, we are optimistic about the future though something may come up. Scientists are working along the clock to find biomarkers and parameters that could be looked at to find early detection protocols so we could avoid damages altogether and perhaps even cure the condition."

This is really serious to here that Glaucoma isn't curable for now. So my question is that how do you address severe cases that have been coming to your hospitals with Glaucoma issues. Do have anything to reduced the complications of glaucoma or what measures are you taken supposing that you receive 100 cases at a go?

The condition is manageable especially when detected early, luckily enough for the majority of people they find out that they have glaucomatous eyes by chance when they come in with different complains, and so mostly they are in the early stages and we are able to preserve vision for as long as possible and minimize nerve damage for as long as possible provided patient is compliant.

For those that come in with the severe forms or advanced stages of the condition, we try to make them more comfortable with small vision that may be left sometimes by referring to low vision experts or giving them low vision aids or psychological support especially when vision is completely gone. Unfortunately, they come to the hospital hoping for a miracle because they feel like their eyes just went dark some few weeks or months ago, but the truth is, it has been happening over the years, if only they had had just an eye exam, they may still have some good vision left…

Glaucoma is not a geriatric condition, it is not a condition that affects the elderly

This then is where probably genomics could offer a good insight. Probably there is an inherent gene that are overtly expressed and contributing to the disease formation, if i remember correctly, build up of intraocular pressure. It will just be a matter of time if we are able to isolate and characterize the gene. We then maybe closer to finding a life time cure.
I learnt that family history has a strong link with glaucoma, so molecular approach and study will offer good prognostication

Yes what you said is right, there’s a very strong correlation with glaucoma and genetic factors and currently a lot of research is focusing on it, one of my supervisors from my university is even working on a similar project looking at the genetic factors and I’m certain that in the near future we may identify whichever allele may be involved with this apoptosis of optic nerve cells peculiar to Glaucomatous damage

Please I have a question, do you mean we should also go check our eyes even when there is no signs of glaucoma?. Thank you

Yes you should, signs of glaucoma can only be seen an optometrist or ophthalmologist when you go for checkups and even if you have previously checked your eyes and everything was fine, Glaucoma can still start later on.

So it is recommended to check your eyes atleast twice annually so that both hides from you

Wow. Thank you. I do see young people lose their sights here and is tag toward the evils they have done. Knowledge is power. Thank you

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Is quite unfortunate today that people lie to people who has this eye problem promising them of total cure to it, and sadly it affects everyone of any age, let's no take any symptoms for granted

Yes it is sad indeed, i am there is a stipulated time internationally recognized to educated the masses about this condition, thanks for reading and for your time dear, very much appreciated