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RE: Circumcision in some contemporary African society

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Whilst I applaud you standing up to say no to FGM, if you research the minuscule documented medical benefits of male circumcision, you will find they are far outweighed by the number of mortalities during the process.

Many cultures still perform this while a child is awake, often in non-medical facilities and by non-medical staff.

In my opinion, these practises are 100% rooted in religion and culture as when they started, there was no medical evidence available to suggest any benefit. This ridiculous 'medical benefit' argument is a recent tool to support this barbaric abuse that has only come about becuase of advancements in medicine.

The act of circumcision on a child who is unable to make the decision for themselves is simply abuse. You are mutilating and removing a part of the body for ZERO reasons other than because religion and culture tell us to, without any questioning of its reasoning.



There are proven research to support the medical benefits of male circumcision. However, that these benefits outweigh the possible risks associated with the practice is debatable.

Show me this irrefutable evidence, please. And even if they was, this is a modern argument for circumcision. The fact remains, it was started as a religious order and is still nothing more than abuse of a child who is unable to make his own decision upon the matter.
Its a total fallacy. It's like saying, "I'm going to cut off my finger to stop myself burning it"