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RE: Clothing: A Powerful Aspect of Our Identity

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Such a nice post actually dressing code plays a great role in our society today just as the saying goes: the way you dress is the way you are been addressed which is actually true, someone can't dress like a lawyer I want to be addressed as a doctor no it doesn't happen, just take a look at every interview the dressing code to be expected is normally corporate unless there is a special dress code for the interview, when someone goes for an interview without wearing a proper dressing or the dressing code which is usually corporate the person has already started filling the interview why? Because of inappropriate dressing code this also applies in other different areas and Paris top is to how we dress is usually how we are addressed just like in the hospitals doctors dress in there an attire while scientist also dress in their own lab coats same thing goes to the lawyers they also dress in their own suits also pastors and reverend fathers, just to mention but a few in conclusion dressing code has a lot to do with how we are being addressed.

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Thank you for reading my blog and for giving such a thoughtful response. It is true that when I go out I think about how my outfit will affect people I meet. Even if I am not interested in clothing, other people are :) We have to be aware of how our appearance impresses people, because that will affect how they receive us. That is a fact of life.

Thanks again for your interesting observations.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.