How gold is formed? Science

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Gold is a very precious metal. The amount of energy required to produce this precious metal is not enough on our earth or even in our solar system. So where did this metal come from? It came from outside our solar system. The universe is a reservoir of enormous energy. Just as the Earth is insignificant compared to the Sun, our Sun is very small compared to a large star. Our universe contains many energy reservoirs such as black holes and neutron stars. Scientists say gold is created from neutron stars. But let's discuss how gold is formed.

If you look at the periodic table you will see that Atomic mass of gold is 79. That is, 79 protons are in the nucleus. This shows how heavy the element is. We know that various heavy metals like iron, nickel, carbon etc are formed from supernova explosions. However, many scientists believe that gold was not created from supernovae. Although supernova explosions can produce enormous amounts of energy, they do not produce enough energy to create gold.

Gold is actually formed by the collision of two neutron stars or by the collision of a neutron star and a black hole. When two neutron stars approach each other, they collide with each other. Eventually they became closer. As a result, they clashed.

[ Image Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab 9 source]

The image above shows that these are hot, dense, expanding clouds of debris stripped from one of the two neutron stars that formed just before the collision. This cloud produces a kilonova resulting from the merger of two neutron stars or a neutron star and a black hole. Visible and infrared light can be seen in these clouds. Inside this neutron-rich debris, some of the universe's heavier elements form. This produces huge amounts of gold that may be equal to the mass of our Earth.


A kilonova is an astronomical event that occurs in a compact binary system when two neutron stars or a neutron star and a black hole collide and appears as a fading fireball. Causing the kilonova to emit short gamma-ray bursts and powerful electromagnetic radiation. A kilonova can be about 1,000 times brighter than a regular nova, hence the name Kilonova.

The result of the Kilonova released a lot of debris into the universe and landed on Earth. As the earth was created, gold moved to the center of the earth. Our Earth is made up of heavy elements like iron and gold at its core. As such, there should be no gold in our earth's crust Srin from the center of the earth, then how did it come to the surface? The reason for this is that about 4 billion years ago, asteroids showered on Earth. All these asteroids blasted the earth Illuminated the center of the earth As a result, some of the gold in the center of the earth comes to the surface If there is gold in all those asteroids , it comes to earth with the asteroids.

Volcanic eruptions also bring out gold deep in the earth and cool it to solid gold. In addition, earthquakes play an important role in bringing gold from underground to the surface Earthquakes cause the earth's crust to move downwards As a result, gold comes to the surface. This is how ore gold mines are created.

Workers lift gold from these mines. It is refined in factories And the shape of the gold bar is given. This gold is sold Gold is sent to artisans for making jewellery. Artisans make jewelery with utmost care They are then suitable for use by the bride. They buy gold from gold shops and wear it As a result, they look very beautiful There are many reasons behind gold being so valuable, what do you say?




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Interesting fact to actually know about. Actually one thing that is certain is that the process of making gold is not always easy as it always passed through furnace

This is why gold is not spread all over the world, in many extent

Interesting, so far I only know that gold is taken from the deep of the earth without knowing how long the process of formation is.

Absolutely, Thank you

I came looking for science and I found gold

SCIENCE saying how does it form

No wonder gold is treasured. The process of refining and molding it is very complex.

It is also complex its creation

Yeah. No wonder it is so valuable.

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