15 year old girls can have many health problems if they get pregnant

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In our area, girls below the age of 18 are sometimes married, which is known as child marriage. I have seen some girls from 13 to 17 years old getting married. The government is always making people aware and has enacted laws against child marriage since long ago. Among the downsides of child marriage, they discuss childbirth complications and the freedom of women and children. But not fully science-based discussions so we don't find answers to some questions. I actually wanted to know what would be the problem with girls below 15 years if they are bound to a matrimonial relationship. I also tried to know the effect of child marriage on their sex life.

A report from WebMD found that in 2020, 158,000 babies were born to 15- to 19-year-old teens in America. But gradually this number is decreasing which was very high earlier. But the tendency to give birth at a young age is understandable. Unmarried girls can have children through illicit sex at a very young age. So they have to be supervised by their parents, brothers so that they don't associate with boys because it brings problems.

Child marriage is still rampant throughout the world. Niger has the highest rate of child marriage, according to Statista data. 75% of girls in this country are married below the age of 18. This is very worrying. Child marriage is still prevalent throughout the world. So one of the causes of early pregnancy is child marriage. Preventing child marriage can reduce early pregnancy rates.

You can read an article here that talks about various problems caused by child marriage or pregnancy of girls below 15 years. The article states that girls who conceive at a young age can suffer from a range of problems, including low iron in the blood and gestational hypertension. Women above the age of 20 are less likely to suffer from such problems and women between the ages of 15 and 19 are more likely to suffer from this problem.

Again, high blood pressure due to pregnancy can lead to premature birth. As a result, low-weight babies can be born. This is a major problem as we have seen many premature babies suffer from various health problems and may even die. In addition, during the teenage years, many people indulge in various addictions like cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs and their chaotic life can have a worse effect on their unborn child.

From the health line I came to know that a teen mother suffers from various mental problems after giving birth. They experience mood swings, increased anxiety, and increased feelings of sadness, and are easily overwhelmed. Also, She cannot focus on any task. Does not like to eat and cannot sleep properly. Many depressions work and the human condition breaks down. Thus, pregnancy at a young age brings about various mental changes and mental problems that can be a risk for a teen.

A girl who is 15 years old is a child herself and having a child while she is growing up is sure to cause some health problems for her. He may face financial problems and fail to build a career. That is, the mental, physical, financial and social problems of the teen mother can increase greatly. So it is better to get married as an adult. Then it will be possible to reduce the level of the problem. If the pregnancy is young, many times the pregnant mothers and fathers try to destroy the womb which should not be done and there is a possibility of further damage. All these problems can be avoided by stopping both child marriage and underage sex

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It is something that particularly calls my attention from other cultures, I do not want to judge, because I respect all cultures, but that a 30 year old man marries a 12 year old girl, in my country it is called rape. Well, it is known that it is a big problem, that the girl is not prepared for everything that sexual and adult life requires, therefore, the problems are not only physical but psychological, because finally they do not live their childhood or adolescence. But as I say, I respect cultures, it is necessary, even if we do not agree with it.

Very nicely said, although in our country marriage of child girls is considered as rape but it is still happening but reduced. Thanks for the nice comment

The Irish Travellers don't seem to have any problem with it.

This is an interesting topic as it has to be looked into by everyone. Child marriage has caused a lot to people both physically, psychologically and mentally. The government need to put a sanction on anyone that practice underage sex and childhood marriage.

It is happening despite the ban imposed by the government, in fact public awareness should be increased. thank you

Yeah. There is a need to increase public awareness

In think that some cultures need to have some upgrades

Right and it is, somewhere slow and somewhere fast, thanks


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Momins? I realize that I have just walked into the lion's den, but I have some things I'd like to say. I am from the United States of America, and many teenage mothers I have known throughout my life have insisted that having a baby and getting married young was what saved their life rather than going on the same course they had been travelling. I'm always suspicious of the science that conveniently comes out of the woodwork every time there is a debate somewhere in my nation on whether to ban adolescent marriages. And the statutory-rape laws in my nation? Don't get me started on that. A German court recently condemned an American court in Florida for forcing a man to be on the sex-offender registry and behind bars longer than he was supposed to be. This American man is now a refugee in Germany. His name is Steven Robert Whitsett.

What might look good on paper is not necessarily so in real life. The criminal justice system in my nation wants it to have its cake and eat it too. And extremists like Fraidy Reiss and Jeanne Smoot are using fear-monger tactics to push their agenda to wage war on all men. It's a mess here, and people want out of my nation because of it. Wherever you may be in this world, take my advice. Look before you leap.