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RE: A Steroid Treatment for COVID-19, and a Few Words About Steroids

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How detailed! I am pinning this as a model example to some newer kids on the StemSocial block struggling with quality and personality!

Nice to see you around as always =)

PS: I'm pretty sure that fatty liver image is modeled off mine


Thank you very much @mobbs. It took me a while to get this out. I had so much material that I needed to find a focus. Also, we had widespread power outages here (Isaias) so that slowed me down. But in the end, I spent so much time with the piece that it almost wrote itself.

I really appreciate your high praise, and very much appreciate STEMsocial's support. Basically, I blog here and on LMAC. Doesn't seem to be time for much else. Plus these two communities are very congenial. Important to me.

Hope you and your lovely cats are well--and I don't believe that bit about the fatty liver :))