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RE: Six years of particle physics (and STEMsocial) on Hive!

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The 1st picture immediately reminded me of @lamouthe's great post about your road trip there ;) For a good and full rest, three weeks without connecting is a good decision!

Since your return as a very hyper-active member of HIVE you have set the level very high both in terms of the number of posts and comments, but also with the citizen project. So I am glad to hear that you are taking a rest to recover and come back to us in great shape.

It is a real pleasure to have met you on HIVE and a big thank you for the knowledge that you transmit to us for 6 years through your posts & comments :)

My learning today: the Discord server hahaha (a long time ago I came across a STEMsomething HIVE Discord but it wasn't you)

Now I have 3 weeks to get up to date with your latest posts (si je ne veux pas me faire taper sur les doigts à ton retour)


I didn't remember that we had already shared this picture on chain. This was a memory from our trip in the US canyons in 2018. This year, we will have a bigger tent as four of us will be camping (and we won't go to the US canyons).

Good luck for multiplying your number of comments by 10 by the time of my return, and thanks for this nice message! :D