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RE: Learning Python Episode 1

in StemSocial10 months ago

I'm in the beginning stages of python programming myself and there was a huge gap crossed when you begin looking at different utilities that are imported. Then you use that utities tool set to manipulate the data.

I think its like Lego's, where you add different kits and it builds some grand programs. I'm digging pandas at the moment with some selenium action.

Enjoy the coding. Its a pretty cool notion to build your ideas


Yeah that's awesome! I am looking forward to when I can start to get the programming going on my actual computer. I haven't got it fully set up though so it's going to take a little bit but the app has been a big help.

I like the LEGO analogy, not only because I love LEGO but because I find it accurate. It adds different layers each time you complete a lesson, it refers back to previous things so that's been a nice help!

Appreciate you stopping by and the comment! What are you planning on doing with the Python programming you are learning? Anything specific yet?