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RE: Science and Art, the ultimate collaboration

in StemSocial10 months ago

Oooh, this sounds very fun and tempting! Not sure if my art skill is sufficient to create anything though 🤔


This is a collage. I failed art in the 8th grade😅and I participate every week. You get to use images (only public domain) from anywhere, even your own, from your own photo album. LMAC has an image library with over 6,000 public domain images. I use these every week to make my collages (it is asked that if you 'borrow' an image from here you extend the courtesy of designating the author as 2% beneficiary).

I warn you, though, making collages is addictive :))

Have fun!!

As @agmoore said it, you can simply try it out, and then we will see. I am sure you could come up with something great. This being said, luckily I am in the jury so that I won't have to try out by myself ;)

Bookmarked the post "artwork" will follow ;P