Pretty Tikz Without the Hassle

in StemSociallast year

For those who regularly use Latex to typeset documents might know about Tikz to produce nice looking vector graphics. You probably also know what a pain it can sometimes be to work with it. Compile, change some commands, compile, change it a little more, compile again. Unless you are a wizard, this process can be finalised in one go.

Many tool have been created along the way to make the process of designing nice vector art less of a hassle. Already a while back I cam across quite a nice tool called Mathcha. In the essence, this is an editor that allows you to draw basic vector graph objects and export it as either an image file or directly as Tikz code. First up I must admit the tool is not flawless and it has its limitations. But it is for sure an easy-to-use tool. It even comes with an online version:


The nice thing about the online version is that it also allows you to share artwork with peers and collaborate on them, as well as use it in conjunction with GitHub. Here are some simple drawings I made with Mathcha while saving tons of time:



While I believe it's great to share nice tools and knowledge, I figured why not write something about it here. Who knows who might be able to use it at some point! I'm not affiliated in any way with Mathcha or anything related to it.


Mmmh that's interesting. I didn't know about Mathcha. I will definitely give it a try at some point. Cheers!

It's not a full-featured tool, but the basics it can handle for sure!

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That is an interesting tool.