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RE: How To Befriend GPT-3

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100 USD a month does not sound like much, especially if you are an affilliate marketer of sorts who needs lots of content to get their site at the top for certain SEO words.

Thank you for this article, I am sure there is lots of information out there about this, but I had not "bumped " into it. This was a good introduction to the tech for me.


Yes, it's not much for affiliate marketers and even companies. So, I think the problem lies with regular writer who doesn't have access to this data information. But again, since 100$ is quite reasonable, I think anyone writing for profit purpose won't mind investing in any of GPT-3 products.

There are many articles and products about it. If you are interested, you can check OpenAI page and in the project sections, there are some projects being developed too.

That should also give you plenty examples and products since some of them are still in beta phase.