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RE: Citizen science particle physics project on Hive - Let’s get started!

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Great to see how this project takes off! It is an amazing initiative! And you have already a handful of contributors! I am "away from keyboard" this week but will try to make it work in my home laptop (not great specially though). The next months are going to be crazy so I didn't want to commit myself but I definitely want to try it out! Hope to see how this evolves fast!


With everything documented, it is always possible to work in an "out of phase" mode, and to catch up later. In any case, feel free to report about your progress and use the #citizenscience tag so that I could keep track of it. I hope you will manage to find some time ^^

Will do! It is amazing how many people is jumping in, it is going to be a great experience, for sure.

Yeah, we already have three reports on #citizenscience. A great success so far (I just hope to have enough time to write the episode 2 this week) :)