Testosterone in Males and Females and Testosterone Hormone Therapy

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Have you heard people say they have low testosterones, or women complain of low libido? You see, in marriages this is the problem of so many people as the wife starts to have a low sex drive and the man becomes weak, less sexually inclined, obese and experience reduced physical performance. This simple hormone that isn't taken into consideration has lead to the breaking up of so many people and the dissolving of lots of marriage since they were ignorant of it. I am not saying that low testosterone is to be blamed for so many marriage failures, but it has a lot to play in the sexual life of both males and females.


Testosterone is one important hormone in our body both in males and in females but basically more in males. A lot of people have been having testosterone therapy, but research shows that a large percentage of these people do not get tested for low Testosterone before they begin therapy. Basically, testosterone is produced in the Testis. The testis is made up of the Seminiferous tubule that produces sperm and the Insterstitial cells of Leydig/ Leydig cells which are responsible for the production of testosterone or androgens. Testis is found in males, and that is why they have a large number of androgens compared to females. Asides from the Testis, androgen can also be produced at the external part of the adrenal cortex which is why females get androgens which is responsible for their pubic hair and ampit hair but it doesn't give any masculine effect to females.

Testosterone is very important in male fetus development as it is responsible for the development of the penis, scrotum, seminal vesicles, and other male genital ducts. In children, testosterone isn't produced in males until the age of about 10 or towards puberty where they will cause the bone tissues to be thicker and increase its density, It will shape the pelvis, and it also increases metabolic rate in the body. It increases the enlargement of the muscles mass, and increases the normal amount of red blood cells. It has less influence in females and has influence in libido, hair, folicle development, and mood.

The normal range of testosterone in male is about 300ng/dl to about 1000ng/dl and in females about 15ng/dl to 70ng/dl. TO confirm a person has low testosterone level, there need to be at least two tests confirming this levels, the tests neewould be done at different days in the morning, as testosterone levels are high in the morning. Asides from the test, patients with low testosterone will have signs and symptoms which are physical symptoms such as obesity, reduced energy, lean muscle mass, fatigue, reduced beard growth, loss of body air, and poor physical performance. Cognitive sign and symptoms includes depression, cognitive dysfunction, reduced motivation, lack of concentration, irritability, and poor memory. The signs and symptoms would also be visible in sexual activities such as decreased libido, and reduced erectile function.

People who have low testosterone just begin to use testosterone drug without understanding Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The Americal Urological Association advise that the lowest dose possible should be used to threat patients with low testosterone level and the precise amount to be given daily is 450ng/dl to 600ng/dl at its highest but a lot of debate on if one can go higher than 600ng/dl is on the table. The essence of giving this testosterone is to help imrpove signs and symptoms but in cases where there are no imrpovement in the signs and symptoms even when the testosterone level has increased, then the patient should discontinue from the therapy. Testosterone along side other therapies can be used to threat osteoporosis, parkinson's disease, and Alzeimers disease. Excessive use of Testosterone in therapy can lead to Hormonal Imbalances, Cardiovascular Problems (such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke), Liver Damage if taken orally as it would put lots of load on the liver, Acne and Skin Problems, and Testicular Atrophy.

As we age, it is important to check how our hormones are working as we expect our hormones should be down but then it is important to check them so they do not cause us to lose interest in life and activities. Hormones affects our life and way of life, and so it is important to always check them to be sure that we have a great life in our health. Hormones are important and as we grow older, we should do regular checkups to be sure that we are in good conditions and our hormones are working properly. If you go to the hospital for a checkup, and you request for a checkup, trust me that an hormone test would not be invluded unless you ask for it specifically. Remember that hormones are very important and that is why they are secreted to the blood directly, unlike enzymes that are secreted to the substances that are needed at the moment.



In a bid to increase the work of the testeterone, some people have started using drugs just to enhance their sexual acts. This has even lead to their death

That's true but in the case of using drug enhancers, they are not treating the root cause but rather trying to find solution to the symptoms.

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