I Created This Amazing Animated GIF For StemSocial Community

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Hello StemSocial Community, it's been quite awhile I published a STEM related article, though one is around the corner (smiles). In my previous STEM related article (UNDERSTANDING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIALIZATION AND OUR MENTAL HEALTH - PART 2), I told you guys that I was developing a new skill. which is Motion Graphics. Since, I have been improving on the skill, I felt like creating an amazing animated GIF for the StemSocial Community. Its free to be reuse by every member of StemSocial Community. Without wasting any more time, take a look at the animated GIF I created for StemSocial Community 👇.

StemSocial Community Animated GIF.gif

How I Created This Awesome Animation

I used Adobe After Effects to design and create this animation. I used Saber plugin to create this fire neon vibe. This was a tasking project. I had to create 3 projects to create this animation. One for the STEMSOCIAL text, second for the COMMUNITY text and the third for the HIVE text. I had to create them individually and then add them up to create this nice animation. Without wasting any more time, let's jump into the process of how I created this amazing StemSocial Community Animated GIF.

First, I opened my Adobe After Effects and created a new composition. I set the time for 12 seconds and used a black background.


Next, I added the STEMSOCIAL text. I used the Trebuchet MS fonts. I aligned it center and took it up, because I was creating space for the other texts which are the 'COMMUNITY' and 'HIVE' text.


Next, I created a solid layer and used a black background and I added the Saber plugins.


I started to manipulate the STEMSOCIAL text with the use of the Saber plugin. I used Haze as preset to create this fire neon vibe. Reduced the glow intensity to 32%, changed the Core Type to Text Layer and more tweaking. Take look at the process of the changes.





Next, I had to change the colors and create that fire neon vibe. Manipulate the Start Size, Mask Evolution, Start Offset and more to create the fire neon vibe.


Blue Fire Neon Vibe


Red Fire Neon Vibe


Blended The Both Colors Together

Next, I had to create the Community text project. I did exactly same thing I did with the STEMSOCIAL text project. Here are few screenshots of the process.



Next, I created the Hive text project and did exactly same thing I had been doing. Here are few screenshots of the process.



Finally, I added all the three projects together and I got this 👇.


I hope you guys like this STEMSOCIAL Animated GIF. Its completely free for reuse to all STEMSOCIAL Community members. There will be more GIF to come.

StemSocial Community Animated GIF.gif

I promoted Hive and StemSocial Community using this awesome animation on Youtube. Check it out 👇


Thanks For Reading

Till Next Time, Stay Safe


This is cool. Why not include the hive logo? I feel that will make it more superb

Yeah, that would have made it more superb. I will do more GIF, and your comment is exactly what I need, to improve myself. I will include hive logo in the next.

Thanks @gentleshaid, for your honest and helpful comment.

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Thanks @curiousity

Hehe, very nice!

Thanks for this!

I'm glad you found it very nice.

Thanks @chappertron

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Hahah! That's very cool! Thanks a lot!

Smiles. You are making me shy with your laughter. Why the "hahah!", C'mon tell me.

Thanks for coming around. Many more motion graphics coming.

It is an "amazed ahah". Don't be afraid. Just a "ahah" in the sense that your realisation makes me happy ;)

Hahaha, I was a bit afraid(smiles). I'm glad it wasn't a negative hahaha(smiles). I will be dropping another animation today. Have a blissful day ahead

A negative one would be a "Mwarf" :D

PS: I also fixed the STEMsocial app last week so that your post now shows nicely on it.