How I Created This Awesome Animated StemSocial GIF For The Community

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Hello StemSocial Community, I'm here with yet another new animated GIF for the community. Thanks to @gentleshaid for a good observation and suggestion on my previous StemSocial animation. I will be glad if you guys could share your honest opinions on this new animation, it will help me improve, hence, produce a better StemSocial animated GIF. Without wasting any more time, lets take a look at the animated GIF I created for StemSocial Community 👇.

StemSocial Animated GIF.gif

How I Created This Awesome Animation

I used Adobe After Effects to design and animate this animation. I didn't use any plugins to create this animation. Let's now just straight into the process of creating this animation.

First, I opened my Adobe After Effects and created a new composition. I set the time for 11 seconds and used a black background.


Next, I created a solid layer and used a White background in order for the StemSocial Logo to look its best.


Next, I created the land or road layer for the truck to drive on. I used a bit of light black color.


Next, I created container of the truck and used a red color.


Next, I created the front of the truck and used a blue color. I used the pen tool to create it.


Next, I created the tyres and used a black layer. I just created two small circles using the shape tool. I then position the truck in the start up position.


Next, I imported StemSocial Logo and I added the texts "StemSocial" and "Community" and imported Hive Logo because of @gentleshaid suggestion. He wanted me link StemSocial to the Hive platform.



I was satisfied with my design. I then headed for the animation process which was a bit tedious but was fun to create. It took me some time, but I finally got what I felt was nice. Here's a look of my timeline 👇.


I hope you guys like this animation. Its completely free for reuse to all StemSocial Community members.

StemSocial Animated GIF.gif


Thanks For Reading

Till Next Time, Stay Safe



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You are getting better and better at this thing. This is really awesome. More grease to your fingers.

Thanks @gentleshaid

Its great thanks :)

I'm glad you like it. Thanks for coming around @stem-espanol

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This is great, bro. Keep it up. I'm learning Adobe too. Still at a beginner's level though.

Thanks. Adobe is very huge, learning like 4 Adobe will be valuable in the future. Thanks for coming around @emperorhassy

One GIF a week keeps the doctor away! :)

Hahaha, very funny. I hope I get to make every week as I will soon stop learning After Effects and move on Adobe Illustrator.