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RE: Citizen science particle physics project on Hive - Let’s get started!

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Dear @lemouth, I have gotten virtual box installed and i'll put out a blog soon as i have everything set up to update hive on my progress. You're doing something quite unique and i'm glad i can be a part of it!


I am super happy to read that you managed to follow all the steps, and I am definitely looking forward to read your report! Please don't forget to tag me and use the #citizenscience tag. Thanks for participating!

Yeah, I sure will..I thought i had it all set up, but windows can be annoying, seems i have to download a couple files, which i will try to get done over a wi-fi connection when i get to school tomorrow. Virtual box should run smoothly afterwards and i can drop my progress report :) Wishing us all a lovely week ahead.

I am afraid I cannot help much (but I can try in case the Virtual Box would refuse to work). I ran away from Windows in the early 2000s and then never came back (using Linux and Mac OS). In a Unix-like environment, everything is so much easier ;)

Anyways, I am looking forward to read your report :)

I finally got my way around getting Madgraph installed! Not on my PC though, I shared my progress post some minute ago. Thanks again for this @lemouth! You rock! the steps are easy to follow on ubuntu, so so easy! :)

I noticed it. Thanks a lot for the report ;)

I am looking forward... to find time to write the next episode, so that I could see how things move ;)