Citizen Science Particle Physics Project on Hive - @mengene's Progress Blog 01

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Hi, hivers!

I'm ecstatic to be writing this piece. I've been eager to share my progress on the #citizensciene project, which was conceived by none other than @lemouth, whom I greatly admire.

MADGRAPH_5 Version 2.9.9; Source- @mengene

Getting here has not been easy, I must admit. Wonder why?

Well, I use an HP Elitebook with a Windows operating system, which I admit can be a pain to use for Linux code. I followed @lemouth's instructions in his post from about a week ago, however, I ran into a few problems setting up a virtual box. My computer appears to have been infected in some way, as every setup file in '.exe' format I download gets its file size reduced to 0KB. I guess I'll have to format it and install Ubuntu on it in a couple of weeks.

What @lemouth is bringing to the blockchain ecosystem has enormous potential in my opinion. I've been considering a number of methods to combine blockchain with research projects. His technique is eye-opening for me, and I'm eager to learn from it and see how it might be incorporated into studies in my country and other developing countries. This prompted me to discuss the #citizenscience project with my research supervisor, and I was able to persuade her to lend me her Ubuntu-based superlaptop. I'll be using her computer for this project from now on until I can get Ubuntu loaded on mine

I am familiar with using terminals and Linux OS codes, Python packages and modules, shells and scripts in the process of CADD, i.e., Computer-Aided Drug Design, in order to speed up the drug development process and gain a better understanding of the molecular level and types of interactions that occur when drug molecules are introduced into the body system and how they elicit their activity. Keep an eye out for a blog post regarding my research efforts in the coming days!

I've always appreciated computational work, and @lemouth's particle physics has piqued my interest. Despite my lack of knowledge in the subject, I am eager to learn and make the most of this incredible opportunity. As a result, I downloaded and unzipped the MG5aMC software, and I easily followed the procedures outlined in the post! Linux and Ubuntu are unquestionably the way to go, fellas!

MadGraphs is successfully installed! Source- @mengene

I then proceeded to try out the tutorials. I'm not sure I understand much of it yet, but I think I got a handle on it! I stopped after I was able to view my history file, and I want to pick up where I left off tomorrow when I have more time, as it's becoming late here. It's almost 00:00 WAT right now, but I know I won't be able to sleep comfortably if I don't finish this post...haahaa:)

MadEvent Card for my Multiparticles :)

I propose that we have a platform where we can discuss verbally or via text/chat. As the project thrives here on HIVE, we may create a channel in the @StemSocial discord server where we can rub minds, better explain concepts, and help each other progress. This is only a suggestion, as I'm sure @lemouth has his own plans! A hearty thank you to him and everyone else involved in the #citzenscience initiative. I wish each of us the best of luck in our pursuits.

Cheers y'all!

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THanks team Hypeturf!

I was sad to read the problems you had with your Windows machine. I hope the damage you mentioned is not too significant. In the meantime, your supervisor acted very nicely, and allowed you to find a way out. Pfeeewww.

The tutorial will be the topic of my next post for this citizenscience project. I will explain in there everything in details. I am just a bit too busy at the moment to keep the rhythm (this week is a bit tough for me). I hope to be able to pull out something by the end of this week.

Cheers, and thanks again for your participation!

It's my pleasure, and no the damage is not so significant, ill get it sorted soon. Try not to overwhelm yourself with activities and work. Wishing you a lovely rest of the week!

Lat week was very emotional. I hope the next one will be better, so that I could pull out this next post ;)

We look forward to the new week with enthusiasm! Hope you enjoy the weekend rest!

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I did some physical work on the house during the week-end, which is different from "physics". This definitely helps to start the week well ^^

I hope you enjoyed your week-end too.

Yes I sure did! Looking forward to how the week turns out!

At least there is now material for your "progress blog 2" ;)

Just dropped the progress blog 2 :) thanks for making it an interesting simulation process! Cheers

Yup ! i saw the post you put up and i've gone through it. I look forward to publishing my progress blog real soon! A big thumbs up with the latyout, you definitely understand how to teach and make it look all easy :)

Very interesting post, thank you for your commitment to the community


Happy you found it intersting! Thanks for the support! 1UP

I've got issues with incompatible kernel after installing Linux on virtual box. I'm totally new to this thing.

Oh i see boss! Usually to get a fix, for errors, you copy that error and paste in google, fixes are usually on reddit or stackoverflow.. i've gotten answer to many issues from either of these platforms.

Perhaps you give it a shot and also check out youtube videos for the fixes

I am already done with it. Thanks to @metabs

Awesome.. We move ahead then

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