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RE: Stellate Ganglion Block for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Part 2

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@lemouth can you please help me understand?


I think we're good here, so no explanation is required. I'm sorry to report this, but I think this may be the last time I post to StemSocial. I am obviously not good enough. I'm having a rough day, so this too may pass. I added StemSocial as a beneficiary of this post (25%). I believe retracting my vote will just be a slap in the face after all the hard work I put in to try and correct the issue. However, I understand that your community has a very high standard and I'll try not to be too butt hurt if that is the decision. Thank you again for all your guidance. It has been greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I was busy during the entire day with urgent matters.

I guess you have clarified the issue with @gentleshaid in the meantime. Note that this issue is from what I know a valid one through the entire chain. Sorry to see you leaving our community. We have mentors that could help if needed.

Please understand that it was not intentional. I hope to return soon. I will reach out if I need to, but please know that my brain probably won't let me. Take care

It is clear to me that this was not intentional. Please don't worry :)

Thank you for trying to calm the storm. I always worry. I take everything personally. I guess it goes with the territory. An old friend recently told me to read The Four Agreements. I downloaded it. I may even do a book review. Thank you again. You are always kind 😊

I know the feeling. Again, please don't worry. There is nothing against you, and this is just a general policy that the majority tries to follow/apply on chain.

We are definitely looking forward to your next contribution, hopefully in not too long.