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RE: Stellate Ganglion Block for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Part 2

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I don't understand. Please explain


The article is mostly a rewrite of the sourced link with very little original input.

I tried to update the post the best I could. The "very little original input" comment is however not received with enthusiasm. Most of my post is my own story, so not sure VERY was the right term to use there. I tried to present the science in an interesting way so people could relate. I did not realize I was on the edge of plagiarism by using my references for that content. I try to be ethical in EVERYTHING I do. I will do better. Thank you for the engagement. It's always very eye-opening to interact with others.

@gentleshaid I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I sustained another trauma last Friday. I was not in my right mind when I posted and when I replied. I'm doing ok though. This treatment is working! Thank you again for all you help 😊

It's totally fine and I understand. We are just trying our best to saguard the integrity of the community.